IKEA Is Now Selling Pre-Built Tiny Homes

ikea tiny homes escape prefabricated

Many would interpret the rising interest in off-grid escapes as an indictment on modern living. IKEA, however, have seen this as an opportunity to lend its signature flair for convenience and produce prefabricated tiny homes; thankfully without any of the Swedish furniture giant’s notoriously indecipherable instruction manuals.

Partnering with Vox Creative and ESCAPE, these 187-square foot dwellings are – as Architectural Digest has described – “equal measures chic, sustainable, functional, and affordable”. The IKEA tiny homes are constructed with recycled materials, placed right on top of a flatbed trailer, and fully-equipped to harness solar and water energy.

As for the interior, aside from the repurposed plastic and sustainably grown pine panels, it’s a classically IKEA project that’s incredibly economical when it comes to physical real estate.

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Storage is built right into the vertical spaces, under the couch, and tucked away within the queen-sized bed; the kitchen table can collapse into a desk or be folded down + stored away entirely; and it’s all painted over with the Scandanavian aesthetic we know and love – “neutral colours, blond wood, minimalistic style accents.”

“How I started was really listing out all the needs for space,” says Abbey Stark, Senior Interior Design Leader at IKEA.

“Like, how do you design around a wheel well and the mechanics of the home? I wanted to source renewable, reusable, and recycled materials when possible to make the space functional as well as beautiful.”

Additional features include the following:

  • light bulbs which use 85% less energy than your conventional ones
  • composting toilets (gross but effective)
  • faucets designed to reduce water consumption by almost 50%

The IKEA x ESCAPE tiny homes start from US$47,500 (AU$61,200) and navigates upwards in price the more you want to customise it – find out more below.

ikea tiny homes escape prefabricated
ikea tiny homes escape prefabricated
ikea tiny homes escape prefabricated
ikea tiny homes escape prefabricated