This Jacquemus + Exteta Capsule Takes The Renowned ‘Locus Solus’ Armchair Beachside
— 24 April 2023

This Jacquemus + Exteta Capsule Takes The Renowned ‘Locus Solus’ Armchair Beachside

— 24 April 2023
Randy Lai
Randy Lai

After finding repeat success through their considered collaborations with brands such as Tekla and Nike, Parisian fashion label Jacquemus have embarked on their first bona fide furniture capsule with the Italian firm Exteta – known for its luxe, “high-performing” chairs and sofas.

The partnership, which breaks new ground for Jacquemus, honours the work of Gaetana ‘Gae’ Aulenti: one of the few prominent female architects working in Italy during the post-WWII period; who is best known for transforming distinguished public structures (e.g. the Palazzo Grassi) into world-class exhibition spaces.

Simon Porte Jacquemus (Jacquemus’ namesake founder & designer) is himself known for designing clothes that crib from diverse influences. With a predilection for the arts and architecture, this interior design-focused capsule feels like a natural broadening of the Jacquemus universe – a link that is strengthened by Simon Porte’s personal enthusiasm for vintage Gae Aulenti chairs.

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Jacquemus Exteta

“I’m a great fan of designer chairs and have been collecting Gae Aulenti’s [versions] for many years,” Jacquemus says, “ever since I saw them in the movie La Piscine“. “I wanted to add a Jacquemus touch to the chair, with a yellow striped fabric inspired by 80s beach mattresses and umbrellas.”

True to form, the centrepieces in the Jacquemus + Exteta capsule consist of the aforementioned ‘Locus Solus’ armchair, in addition to more conventional 4-legged dining chairs (available in either a yellow striped or beige fabric upholstery).

For design geeks who are really looking to make a splash, there’s even a EU$5,940 (approx. AU$9,773) sun lounger – the largest possible canvas for Jacquemus’ white-red-striped-yellow colourway that was developed exclusively for this capsule.

Continuing in the brand’s customary exploration of bucolic Provencal style; Jacquemus has also supported the revival of these Gae Solenti designs with various ‘objets’ that have been hand-curated by Simon Porte.

Some of the more *ahem* interesting inclusions are honest-to-god leather plates – at EU$320 a pop, no less – and original portrait taken by Lucien Clergue – one of the designer’s favourite photographers of the 1970s.

Pictured: The ‘Locus Solus’ armchair (EU$3,456)
Pictured: The ‘Locus Solus’ chair (EU$1,188)

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