Spanish Cement Factory Transformed Into Awesome Luxury Home ‘La Fábrica’

Spanish Cement Factory Transformed Into Awesome Luxury Home ‘La Fábrica’

When architect Ricardo Bofill stumbled across an old Spanish cement factory in 1973 his mind was flooded with ideas about transforming the derelict structure into a design masterpiece. 

Forty-five years later and Bofill has completed said masterpiece, titled La Fábrica. Located just outside of Barcelona, the World War I-era factory has been painstakingly converted into a modern wonder of architecture and design. The interior of La Fábrica has been completely overhauled and includes Moroccan finishings, an Alicante red marble table, multiple fireplaces, a conference room with 10-metre high ceilings and an underground gallery. No two room looks the same with the extravagant structure inspired by both industrial and minimalist designs. 

La Fábrica is overrun with greenery and plant life including groups of eucalyptus, palms, olive and prune tree, mimosas and climbing plants that make the complex look like a Bond villain’s hideaway.

Even though he has finished the majority of construction on the home Bofill continues to toil on the project, stating on his website that “it will always remain an unfinished work.” 

Check out this amazing feat of architecture below.

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