Loro Piana Enter The Home Fragrance Game With $500 Scented Luxury Candles

loro piana candles

Luxury Italian fabrics and clothing company Loro Piana has debuted its very first scented candles collection, echoing the same super-premium aesthetic that has come to define the label and aligning with its renowned reputation for cashmere with scarf trimmings melded around rectangles of wax. The unique design positions the Loro Piana scented candles as a highly-prized showcase for design-minded individuals who like scouring for interesting pieces to add a bit of flair to the home or office. With Loro Piano treating these luxury candles as “sculptures-in-progress” as much as home fragrance essentials, it’s looking like these designer candles could be a wise choice as we head into the holiday season.

Reportedly, the fabric shell remains once the candles are fully burned away, playing into Loro Piana’s desire to present something that can be kept and re-used. The textile skeleton as somewhat of a “soft” container for the candles, which once empty can be used to either hold a new candle or as a stylish pocket emptier.

Jacquard and bouclĂ© scraps have been repurposed and incorporated into the design of each of these Loro Piana scented candles, helping keep a textural component to better align the homeware line with the label’s famed luxury knitwear.

Lori Piana has only released the scented candles in three fragrances so far. The first, Zibeline, is being described as a spicy and smoky cedarwood scent inspired by the landscapes of Mongolia, where cashmere is produced. The second, Boucle, is supposed to conjure the blooms of New Zealand lands with a fresh, sweeter composition and pay homage to the country where Loro Piana source their premium woolds. The last one, Jacquard, takes things a bit higher to the snow-capped mountains of Myanmar with some flowery notes.

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Each candle has a reported burn time of 110 hours, after which the oak bottom and structure of the fabrics and yarn remain intact. Each version comes in two shapes, either a square or a more traditional round face.

The Loro Piana scented candles seem like another substantial addition to the range of luxury designer candles produced by brands like Diptyque, Ginori 1735, Jo Malone, and Byredo. Although Loro Piana is beating some of these already punchy price tags with an ambitious ask: each candle will set you back US$390 (~AU$536). They can be purchased at the brand’s flagships, as well as online.