3 Hennessy Cocktails To Get You Through The Week

Winter is now in full swing and with it comes those cold depressing nights. Luckily our friends at Hennessy have us sorted with an excellent range of cocktails that are fairly easy to make. With options like ‘A Side of Delicious’, ‘The Hennessy Citrus’ and ‘The Hennessy Berry’, there’s more than enough to keep you entertained. We even got to test ‘A Side of Delicious’ out at a Hennessy lunch hosted by Olivier Paultes, Director of Distilleries at Hennessy Maison, and the drink was absolutely smashing.

Check out the stellar cocktail recipes below and have a look at our coverage of the Hennessy lunch here.

A Side of Delicious

Ingredients –
• 45ml Hennessy V.S
• 20ml lemon juice
• 15ml creme de peche
• 2 sprays of cassia and lavender perfume
• White sugar

Directions –
1. Rim cocktail glass with citrus and dust lightly with white sugar on half
the rim.
2. Add liquid ingredients to cocktail shaker with ice and shake liberally.
3. Strain into the sugar rimmed cocktail glass.
4. Spray with perfume.

Twist –
To make the perfume, steep cassia and lavender in overproof alcohol
separately for 6 days (Belvedere Intense works well). Strain and combine at 3
parts lavender to 3 parts cassia.

The Hennessy Citrus

Ingredients –
• 1 ½ parts of Hennessy
• ½ Lime in pieces
• ½ part of simple Syrup
• Crushed ice
• Orange slice (garnish)

Directions –
1. Place cut lime in base of rocks glass, pour simple syrup over lime.
2. Gently muddle (pummel) lime and simple syrup to extract juice from the
3. 2/3 fill glass with crushed ice, add Hennessy, stir ingredients together
with a bar spoon.
4. Top with crushed ice and garnish with a twist of orange

Twist –
Use the shaker to mix each component, including ice cubes (instead of
crushed ice).

The Hennessy Berry

Ingredients –
• 1 ½ parts of Hennessy
• 5 Blackberries
• ½ part of Lemon juice
• ¼ part of simple Syrup
• ½ part of Crème de Mûre
• Crushed ice
• Blackberries

Directions –
1. Place all ingredients except Crème de Mûre into shaker, half fill shaker
with crushed ice.
2. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
3. Empty contents of shaker, including ice, into rocks glass.
4. Top the glass with more crushed ice, stir gently with a bar spoon, lace
the top of the drink with the Crème de Mûre.
5. Garnish with two blackberries.

Twist –
Rub lemon skin on the rim of the glass.