Basil Hayden Defies Expectation When It Comes To Kentucky Bourbon

Basil Hayden Defies Expectation When It Comes To Kentucky Bourbon

Chris Singh
Chris Singh


Never discount the value of a straightforward after-work sipper when you’re reaching for some bourbon to soothe the soul. That endlessly reliable bottle will do all sorts of wonders when it comes to enjoying a drink at the end of the day, iterating the power of a light-bodied whiskey as opposed to the hardy, high-proof beasts that make up most of the category.

A bourbon that can play to both worlds, appealing to entry-level drinkers and those with a deep affinity for the premium market, is hard to come across. Basil Hayden, one of the labels sitting behind James B. Beam’s small-batch collection, is a rarity in the field and an essential part of any discerning whiskey lover’s repertoire.

Consider this. Bourbon whiskey is enjoying a healthy and evident resurgence in popularity for seasoned and casual Aussie drinkers. And while there are many great reasons for this, one important driver is that many younger people are only now beginning to discover just how much range sits in this category.

As such, Basil Hayden is well-positioned to become your go-to for when the mood strikes, thanks to several unique qualities.

Why? What makes it so different? Well, aside from the light-bodied, 80-proof core expression, Basil Hayden has a clear provenance behind it. The small batch bourbon, noted for its distinctive rye-forward mash bill, is produced, distilled and bottled on-site at the famed Kentucky Beam distilleries. The authenticity is unquestionable.

Compare this with many cheaper whiskeys, often sourced from industrial producers to the point where provenance becomes hard to track. There’s value in knowing exactly where your bourbon is coming from, which is why so many enthusiasts hold a special place in their hearts for Basil Hayden.

The label has been around since 1992, when Booker Noe founded it and has a reputation for producing bourbons that work incredibly well in cocktails thanks to the depth of balance afforded by using Basil Hayden as the base spirit.

And while “light-bodied and mixable” is most certainly a big reason to have a bottle of Basil Hayden sitting on your shelf, it’s also just a damn good bourbon. The vintage taste helps get Basil Hayden over as a bourbon whose value far exceeds its affordable price tag.

Smooth with a spicy level of complexity towards the end, the palate of the signature Basil Hayden expression is bold without being overbearing.

To learn more about Basil Hayden head to the label’s official website below if you want to get your hands on a bottle in Australia hit up Dan Murphy’s, where a 700 ml bottle will set you back just $89.99.

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