Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Saw This, Made This’ Campaign Makes The Case That Art Is For Everybody

Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Saw This, Made This’ Campaign Makes The Case That Art Is For Everybody

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In partnership with award-winning Aussie film director Baz Luhrmann (Elvis, The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge), Bombay Sapphire has just unveiled its dynamic ‘Saw This, Made This’ campaign. An open invitation to “see the world as a gallery of creative inspiration,” the global campaign aims to pull photography and video footage from hundreds of creatives who are actively creating on social media – everybody from hobbyists to arts industry leaders.

In his guise as the campaign’s Creative Director, Luhrmann is excited by the prospect of tapping into the public’s inherent, undiscovered creativity. By tagging Bombay Sapphire’s social accounts and utilising the hashtag #SawThisMadeThis, any individual with a smartphone will receive the chance to have their work curated and celebrated by Luhrmann himself – in turn, exposing it to the eyeballs of Bombay’s sprawling, cosmopolitan audience.

Various submissions will also be showcased on the brand’s dedicated ‘Saw This, Made This’ website (to be updated regularly over the course of the campaign).

“You don’t have to be labelled an artist to be considered a creative,” said Baz Luhrmann.

“By partnering with Bombay Sapphire, I want to encourage people everywhere to think about how they can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and share this inspiration to make the world a more creatively nurturing place.”

To kick off this movement of creative rediscovery, Luhrmann has engaged the talents of Argentine ad impresario Juan Cabral. The acclaimed director’s enviable body of work (including adverts for Rolex, Ikea. and Cadbury) has been further enriched by this latest effort for the ‘Saw This, Made This’ campaign: a consummately poetic short film that traverses Cabral’s native Buenos Aires and invites viewers to walk around, drink in the atmosphere and be just as inspired by their own surroundings.

As the world’s leading premium gin brand, Bombay Sapphire incites creativity through a balanced and refined taste profile, offering the utmost versatility and a canvas for cocktail creation

Unsurprisingly, given Bombay Sapphire’s involvement, Aussie mixologists are already getting into the ‘Saw This, Made This’ spirit – turning the sights & sounds of their hometowns into delicious mixological creations.

In Melbourne, Pearl Diver owner-operator Alex Boon has been particularly inspired by the shift in seasons, seeing an opportunity to celebrate mid-season ingredients made and prepared locally.

“My cocktail is an ode to the simple things that bring beauty to my city,” said Boon.

“Birds setting nests in the trees, the vibrant colours of [Melbourne’s] flowers as they begin to bloom and the produce I acquire as I walk from home to market to work.”

In that vein, Boon’s expression of ‘Made This’ creativity fuses Bombay Sapphire’s awarding-winning gin to bergamots picked at the end of the winter season (here, utilised as a garnish) and nectarines – a staple ingredient in fruit-driven, springtime cocktails.

To watch, listen and share your own everyday inspiration, visit Bombay Sapphire’s thematic ‘Saw This, Made This’ website by hitting the link below.

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