The Most Expensive Latte Clocks In At Over $100 Bucks A Cup
— Updated on 17 June 2021

The Most Expensive Latte Clocks In At Over $100 Bucks A Cup

— Updated on 17 June 2021

Coffee snobs rejoice, we’ve found your ultimate blend, but it ain’t cheap. Southern California’s Klatch Coffee Roasters’ award-winning Elida Natural Geisha 803 is a delicious cup of coffee that will also set you back a crisp US$75 (AU$107 bucks).

Made from organic coffee beans sourced from Panama that are fair trade certified, the Elida Natural Geisha 803 recently took out the top award at the Best of Panama coffee competition.

“It’s the Oscars for coffee! Just like wine, on a scale of up to 100 this coffee got the highest rating ever,” Klatch co-owner Bo Thiara told ABC News. “This coffee is not over roasted like what you get at other places. It’s roasted how coffee used to be roasted back in the day…the objective [in serving the 803] is to just introduce people to this great coffee.”

The beans of the pricy blend are organic and from a single source harvested between 1670-1820 metres above sea level. Educating consumers on the history and creation of the blend is something Klatch are big on, with employees reportedly spending close to 400 hours training to work for the company.

Unfortunately, the only way you can try this rare batch is by visiting one of Klatch’s coffee shops, where the remaining 4.5 kilos of coffee – the equivalent of 80 cups – is on hand for customers to taste. Although 45 kilos was originally made, 40kgs have already been auctioned off to buyers across the world, with one kilo costing a whopping AU$2,308!

While you can no longer purchase raw Elida Natural Geisha 803, you can discover more about the fruity flavoured coffee and Klatch’s extensive range of other blends on Klatch’s website

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