Alcoholic Kombucha Is Here & It’s A Fuckin’ Buzz

The Melbourne team behind Rosé Rosé (in a can) and Melbourne Martini (espresso martini in a jar) have today popped the top off their new alcoholic beverage, an alcoholic kombucha aptly named Naughty Booch.

The Tailored Beverage Company sent us a few slabs of Naughty Booch earlier this month, and to say it’s been a hit in the office is an understatement. While it’s not a drink we’d recommend sessioning (think a one-way ticket to getting absolutely sideways), at 4.6% it’s a bloody easy way to get a quick (and healthy?) buzz going before moving to your regular drinks.

Naughty Booch alcoholic kombucha comes in two flavours, Ginger & Lemon, and Watermelon & Cucumber and can be picked up at For our first taste impressions, check the video below.

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