NED Green Sash Australian Whisky Is Made For True Blue Whisky Fans

NED Green Sash Australian Whisky Is Made For True Blue Whisky Fans

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NED Australian Whisky

NED Green Sash Whisky, a new premium reserve tier of NED Australian Whisky, has arrived on the scene. Birthed as an ode to its namesake hero, Ned Kelly, the NED Green Sash Reserve Australian Whisky lands on back bars and bottle shop shelves with a solid connection to this great southern land and the characteristics of this Australian legend. 

Let’s pause for a bit and explain the name first. A green sash isn’t something most people would associate with Ned Kelly, but those who dive a bit deeper into the history of Australia’s most prolific bushranger would find that the symbol of courage was integral to Kelly’s identity.

When he was just 10-years-old, Ned saved a boy from drowning in Hughes Creek just outside of Victoria in the small town of Avenel. As a token of gratitude from the boy’s parents, Kelly was awarded a green sash, which historians note was found under his armour at Ned’s land stand in Glenrowan.

The heroic, hardy character that died on that day in Glenrowan lives on via the symbol of the green sash, and the NED Green Sash Reserve Australian Whisky is not just an exceptional liquid but an expression of Kelly’s courage. That is, the courage to push the boundaries of traditional whisky production.

The reserve grade spirit results from a bold approach to the maturation process, a technique tested with NED Whisky’s Gold Medal and Trophy-winning Wanted Series collection and refined further with this new expression.

NED Green Sash Reserve Australian Whisky is created from fine Victorian grain, sourced from a local farmers’ co-op before being turned into a triple grain sour mash fermentation. Corn is added to give the resulting liquid a softer, more mellow texture and impart flavours of vanilla and caramel while soft orange and fruit flavours come through from the wheat and barley.

Premium aged barrels are married with Melbourne’s temperamental weather to set the perfect stage for maturation, gifting this reserve grade whisky not just well-rounded notes of oak, vanilla and caramel, but also a lusciously rich golden hue, fortified over toasted American oak for depth and complexity and bottled at 44% ABV.

The rich body and long finish of sweet oak and orange that you’d get from the NED Green Sash Reserve Australian Whisky is a result of unwavering trust in Victoria’s produce and climate, presenting a truly local whisky that’s perfect served neat over ice or in a hard-earned Old Fashioned nightcap.

Whether it’s for Christmas or a special drop on Australia Day, now is the time to jump on this ode to Ned Kelly. Anyone who grabs a bottle of NED Green Sash Whisky before the silly season is out will also receive a limited-edition gift box, whether you want to add this to your collection or give your mate a delicious symbol of classically Aussie courage.

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