Conquer Winter In Style With The Boss Hunting Food & Fashion Hitlist

Conquer Winter In Style With The Boss Hunting Food & Fashion Hitlist

Boss Hunting
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A universally recognisable expression that derives its name from one of the great Federio Fellini surrealist masterpieces of the 1960s, la dolce vita (literally, ‘the sweet life’) carries with it a rich swirl of meaning for people from all across the globe. 

This mantra – of life, lived with flair- is front of mind in our new Boss Hunting hitlist of winter essentials. In partnership with Peroni, the legendary Lombardian brewer that has been turning everyday moments into something exceptional since 1846, we’re shouting out a handful of our favourite things to eat and wear in winter – ideally, with a bottle of Nastro Azzurro in hand. Salute!

La Bella Figura – Menswear Must-Haves This Winter

Whether the discussion swerves to association football or aperitivos, one can always expect Italians to embrace the change in seasons with consummate gusto. That’s especially true when it comes to the subject of winter fashion – drab palette of ‘autumnal browns’ be damned. 

Allowing for the subtle differences in how we winter down under, this season we recommend you ‘do as the Italians do’ by embracing a bold splash of colour. 

The arrival of cold weather brings with it the promise of a renewed appetite for elegant formal attire; and among those who relish getting dressed up, the classic smoking jacket marries together some of the most appealing aspects of Italian style. 

Sydney clothier M.J. Bale’s version, nicknamed ‘The Siviero’, comes in a duo of jewel tones that would feel right at home on the Via Veneto. In forest green, this peak-lapeled coat looks every bit the choice of a Cinecittà screen hero. And in pink? Well, that’s dressing to fit the celebratory mood of nastro azzurro if ever we’ve seen it. 

Equally, we’re looking forward to adding texture and layers to our off-duty wardrobes this winter; and what better way to do so than by turning to a historic casualwear maker such as Barena? Direct from the heart of Venice, the brand’s slightly oversized Tiemo cotton and linen blend cardigan adds a rustic but cozy aesthetic to your daily fit.

Winter Warmers – Our Most Stylish Seasonal Food Pairings

To better illustrate the year-round versatility and wintry appeal of Peroni’s lager recipe, we’ve chosen to highlight two of Italy’s resounding culinary favourites – both with strong appeal in the homeland and throughout the country’s many diasporas abroad. 

First up, cacio e pepe. We know, we know – pints and a pasta dish? We must be mad. But therein lies the beauty of Peroni Nastro Azzurro: refreshing, balanced, and with just a hint of malted sweetness, it’s an excellent all-rounder you can sip alongside a range of historic Roman pasta courses – cacio e pepe being no exception. 

Delightful little snaps of peppercorn; a velvety emulsion that comes together with the fewest of pantry staples; on the table in 30 minutes – if that isn’t sprezzatura in the kitchen, we don’t know what is.

Similarly, when you’re thinking of entertaining, opt for minimum-fuss-maximum-reward recipes that make the most out of the dish’s own cooking vessel. Braised crowd pleasers in the vein of chicken alla cacciatore (‘hunter-style’) are, thus, our other big culinary co-sign of the season; allowing you to assemble meals of big quantity – and even bigger flavour – with a couple of key, easily accessible ingredients.

Sure, more pedantic foodies may bridle at the notion of seasoning your preferred protein with lager, but Peroni’s robust alcoholic strength and deep barley flavour deserves to be savoured in every which way – whether it’s over casual bites after a long day at the office or in the slow cooks and braises that are almost certain to elevate your next dinner party. 

Drink Responsibly.

This article is sponsored by Peroni Nastro Azzuro. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Boss Hunting.

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