The Rocket Porta Via Is The World’s First Truly Portable Espresso Machine

Rocket Espresso Milano is responsible for this caffeinated gift from the gods – the Rocket Porta Via – the world’s first truly portable espresso machine.

Arriving in a hard-shell carry case, ready for your car boot, camping table, garage bench, or anywhere at home, the Rocket Porta Via incorporates Rocket’s commercial-grade nous into a professional and compact package that’s able to brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously.

Weighing in at around 29kg, the case includes foam-padded slots for a pair of ceramic cups and saucers as well as a tamper, a professional-grade portafilter, jug and an external water reservoir. Once the Porta Via is plugged in and the cylindrical water reservoir is attached, barista-quality crema is a mere 10 minutes away. The unit can also be safely packed and carried away immediately after, even if still warm. Winning.

The Rocket Porta Via portable espresso machine is currently retailing at $4,299. For stockists, head to

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