The Ballot For Starward’s ‘Stout Cask’ Single Malt Whisky Is Now Open

The Ballot For Starward’s ‘Stout Cask’ Single Malt Whisky Is Now Open

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Over the past decade, Starward – the Australian whisky distillery founded by David Vitale in 2007 – has gained a cult following for all the right reasons. Led by an award-winning team of blenders and distillers, the Port Melbourne heavyweight has both nailed their core whiskies and embraced the art of experimentation that’s helped them become the ‘World’s Most Awarded Distillery’.

Its untamed Projects program has created some rip roarin’ drams: such as the distillery’s ‘Ginger Beer Cask’ and ‘Tawny Cask’ whiskies. Historically, these fun, left-field creations offer a dynamic drinking experience, quickly becoming future classics that sell out across the country faster than you can say “single malt.”

Come 2023, the wild journey continues with the art of maturation. What happens when you take an award-winning single malt and transfer it into a stout beer cask to finish it off? It’s the best of a creamy, freshly pulled pint combined with the brand’s flavour-forward style of distillation. Enter the ‘Stout Cask’ single malt.

starward stout cask

A first for Starward, the Stout Cask bottling is built on a balance of the distillery’s red wine and small format Apera barrel-aged single malts. Together, these lay down a baseline of Starward’s signature flavours: vanilla, tropical fruit, and toasty oak – all great elements for what comes next.

The unique chops of the distillery team, made up of multiple ex-brewers, have unlocked the big and bold flavours from Brick Lane Brewery’s coveted ‘Trilogy of Fear’ imperial stout casks. An additional 18 months in these bad boys results in a rich, warm dram bursting with big hits of creamy chocolate and dark roasted malt, finished with stewed berries, vanilla and banana. The Stout Cask is also an effortless shoo-in for lovers of the iconic boilermaker combo – a very timely treat for the senses now that cooler weather is rolling in across the country.

As per usual, we suggest you run and don’t walk for this Stout Cask release, which is extremely limited in its numbers. The ballot is open from now until June 4th, with successful applicants notified soon after for their chance to purchase.

Hit the link below to get yours in now.

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