The Resch House Is Sydney’s Newest Pub & An Homage To The Iconic NSW Beer
— 21 December 2022

The Resch House Is Sydney’s Newest Pub & An Homage To The Iconic NSW Beer

— 21 December 2022
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Resch’s is about as close as you can get to a cult beer in New South Wales. With an official appreciation society of over 10,000 members deep and a strong presence in some of the state’s best pubs, the 116-year-old brewer responsible for the label kind of deserves its own official headquarters in Sydney. And that’s exactly what new Sydney pub The Resch House is – a base for the beer’s most dedicated fans, taking over the former Sir John Young Hotel on George Street.

The NSW label is an interesting player in the space. Despite the brewery being bought out by Carlton & United Breweries a few years ago, Resch’s retains a fiercely loyal following amongst both casual beer drinkers and more hard-to-please enthusiasts. The latter group of aficionados doesn’t always take kindly to breweries that are shadowed by big corporations, and yet you’d likely find that many of these hardy drinkers are members of the Rech’s Appreciation Society Facebook page.

Transformed by the Resch family, The Resch House gives the brewery a comprehensive base in Sydney where Resch’s is most certainly on tap and walls plastered with the beer’s rich stock of memorabilia. While the brewing family also owns Paddington’s Imperial Hotel – and have so for almost 100 years now – The Resch House hits a bit differently when it comes to completely carving out space for the beloved beer.

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While the Sir John Young Hotel had more than a few fans in its time, the venue has now been transformed with an appropriately retro aesthetic, built up by an imposing mahogany bar that has no less than 15 taps pouring Resch’s Draught alongside other approachable Aussie icons like VB and Carlton Draught.

A few more of those taps are reserved for a rotating selection of local beers, so while The Resch House is purposed as a one-stop-shop for all things Resch’s, there’s more than enough scope to showcase some mighty fine brews from competitors as well.

Underneath ornate chandeliers sits a generous spread of bar stools and high tables, building up that classic Aussie pub look that’s perfect for a coupla couplas paired up with an honest Aussie pie.

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And pies are pretty much the only things on the food menu. Meat pies, mushroom pies, sweet pies, vegas pies. There are even plans to work with local farmers for a few gourmet pies.

Given Resch’s has its own microbrewery at The Imperial, there should be more than enough freshies to pump out and transfer to The Resch House. This will give the Sydney pub a bit of firepower over the holidays as work breaks and more Sydneysiders head out to the city to piss the day away.

The Resch House

Address: 557-559 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (12 PM – 1 AM)

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