Unpacking The Rich & Robust Flavours Of Starward’s New Stout Cask Single Malt Release

Unpacking The Rich & Robust Flavours Of Starward’s New Stout Cask Single Malt Release

Boss Hunting
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Ahead of the official launch of Starward’s latest ‘Stout Cask’ whisky – available exclusively via ballot which is now open – we’re taking a closer look at the array of delicious flavours that ground this rich and delicious bottling – a real first for the brand.

Bottled at a robust yet surprisingly smooth 52% ABV that both seasoned dram lovers and whisky novices will appreciate, the Stout Cask Single Malt signals an exciting new chapter in the Starward story: marrying the brand’s flavour profile, rich in vanilla and ripe tropical fruits, with the malted goodness of an Imperial stout.

“We love the change of seasons at Starward,” says Sam Slaney, the brand’s Production Director, “and the colder weather means the perfect time for a stout! Brick Lane’s amazing Trilogy of Fear series showcases complex dark malt and a rich texture, allowing our whisky to soak up all the robust flavours from these stout-soaked barrels”. A celebration of Australian craft brewing and distilling, this release brings together the best of both worlds.

We recently sat down at Starward’s home in the heart of Port Melbourne – stout beer in one hand, stout cask whisky in the other – to unravel the new whisky’s delicious complexities. Our verdict: it’s a drop that will turn those with even the faintest sweet tooth into full-on flavour fiends – celebrating malted beer, chocolate, and fruit notes in a big way.

Here are just some of the notes we picked up on:

  • Juicy red fruits – courtesy of the red wine-soaked barrels.
  • Vanilla – fragrant and slightly sweet, a signature Starward flavour.
  • Malted biscuits – no doubt from the 18 months spent in Brick Lane’s barrels, giving you those hints of dark malt that can be expected from an imperial stout.
  • Chocolate overload – think freshly torn chunks of Lindt ‘85%’ or a melt-in-your-mouth molten chocolate lava cake.
  • Banana ice cream – a decadent banana split with all the toppings, balances the overall flavour and is characteristic of the fruit-driven whisky Starward fans know and love. This release is delicious sipped neat, but even better as a boilermaker. Enjoy alongside a barrel-aged stout and experience the perfect balance of rich and complex flavours.
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The new Stout Cask Single Malt is a limited release, only available via online ballot. For your chance to purchase, head to the Starward website (from now until June 4th) to enter.

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