This $29,000 Luxury Ultramarathon Is Tough Mudder For Millionaires

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There are infinite reasons that someone might run an ultramarathon. Some folks do it to raise money for charity, while others simply love the thrill of the physical and mental challenge. There are also those who sign up to “tick the box” of a bucket-list activity, presumably with the hope of finding some sort of existential fulfilment. If you’re a box-ticker and you’re struggling with relentless waves of ennui, this luxury ultramarathon might offer some balm for your soul.

The Highland Kings Ultra is a luxury ultramarathon through the west coast of Scotland, which comes with a price tag that would even make a King double-take: £15,499 (AU$29,342). Sure, it’s a lot of scratch – but what exactly do you get for that kind of money?

The ethos (and price) is summed up in the tagline of the race: “Race like a warrior. Recover like a King.” Limited to just 40 entry spots, you have to request an invitation to participate, which is the first hurdle to complete. Once registered, you’ll receive expert personal coaching for seven months before the race in April 2022.

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Of course, the perks don’t stop there. During your training, you’ll undergo sweat composition testing to help your coach understand how to fuel your body best, physiotherapy and sports physiology sessions to improve performance, as well as luxury campsite accommodation during the event. On top of that, you’ll be catered for by a Michelin-star chef, moved between locations on speedboats, and an experience gala-style dinner with explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes to celebrate the end of the race.

In an interview with BBC, Race director Rebecca Silva explained the Highland Kings Ultra point of difference from other races. “It’s aimed at professionals,” she said. “Who can afford it, who want a sense of adventure, but want an element of luxury off the beaten track, in the wild and not in the typical places people explore.”

With only 40 spots, it’s more than likely that the Highland Kings Ultra will sell out soon. So if you’ve got a running box that you want to tick – though don’t want to slum it like a commoner – you can check out the race site below.

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highland kings ultra luxury ultramarathon1
This $29,000 Luxury Ultramarathon Is Tough Mudder For Millionaires
This $29,000 Luxury Ultramarathon Is Tough Mudder For Millionaires