Nedd Brockmann: Australian Of The Year?
— 18 October 2022

Nedd Brockmann: Australian Of The Year?

— 18 October 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

If legging it from Perth’s Cottesloe Beach all the way to Bondi Beach in the name of charity, averaging an inhuman 80 kilometres per day, doesn’t make you eligible for Australian of the Year, then we don’t know what to make of the man/myth/legend: Nedd Brockmann.

Yesterday afternoon, as if scripted by God almighty himself, the heavens parted, allowing for a few rays of sunshine to descend upon the 23-year-old tradie from Forbes (and living embodiment of the term “true grit”) as he concluded his brutal 3,952-kilometre / 46-day journey; a journey which was informed by injury, exhaustion, extreme weather conditions, and hardship beyond the everyday person’s comprehension, i.e. maggots growing out of his toes.

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The hero’s homecoming was punctuated at the promenade outside North Bondi Surf Live Saving Club by a traditional Indigenous smoke ceremony, what is potentially history’s most triumphant shoey, as well as an equally impressive sum of $1.5 million raised for We Are Mobilise — an organisation solely dedicated to helping those experiencing homelessness.

And keep in mind… this is on top of the $100,000 he already raised on behalf of the Red Cross last year, running 50 marathons in 50 days while juggling his day job as a sparky.

“It’s a privileged position to be able to do something like this run and potentially give someone the motivation who sees it to get up and get moving,” Nedd Brockmann previously told BH before undertaking this herculean effort.

“I just want people to have a crack at whatever it is that they’ve always wanted to do, because you never know when you might not be able to do it.”

“Our days are numbered, so go out and have a red hot crack at it.”

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There is, however, a minor obstacle standing in the way of this campaign to immortalise an Aussie legend.

Given nominations for 2023 Australian of the Year officially closed all the way back in July 31st (weird cut-off time but OK), each and every nom Nedd Brockmann receives from this point forward will only be considered for 2024.

A bit of a wait, sure, but I’m sure the big fella wouldn’t mind kicking it on standby mode until then. After all, the hard part’s now well and truly over.

To nominate Nedd Brockmann for 2024 Australian of the Year, hit the link below. And to make any further donations, be sure to visit Nedd’s Record Run.

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