Hyper Karting’s New Monthly Membership Is Perfect For The Wannabe Lewis Hamilton

Hyper Karting’s New Monthly Membership Is Perfect For The Wannabe Lewis Hamilton

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Boss Hunting


Let’s face facts. You missed your calling. The dream is as good as dead. 

As tough as it may be to hear, you’ll never know – truly know – what it feels like to race in the thrilling tier of motorsport that is Formula 1. Not even for a team as shoddy as Williams (no matter how loaded your daddy is). 

The good news? Sydney is proudly the home to the next best thing for civilians with an appetite for insane speeds, tight corners, and humiliating your competition. The even better news? It’s affordable, accessible, and opens early/shuts late every single night. This is Hyper Karting.  

We’ve espoused the virtues of this fine establishment on several occasions. There’s a good chance a certain episode of our vlog series ended up in your group chat when they first burst onto the scene. Perhaps you may even recall the time we took modern icon Hasbulla Magomedov there for a spin during his recent tour Down Under. But for those of you in the cheap seats, let’s quickly run you through what Hyperkarting is about one more time.


Located in Moore Park on the top floor of the Entertainment Quarter’s parking complex, here, the boys are separated from the men/girls are separated from the women on a 410-metre indoor track with an entire ready-to-ride fleet of RiMO Electric karts – products of German precision engineering (superior handling, superior battery weight distribution, smooth steering) that make ‘em the fastest all-electric recreational race rigs in Sydney. Period. 

Featuring F1-style steering wheels, complete with a rechargeable “Boost” button (read: DRS substitute) and an LCD display panel keeping you up to date on your performance, those who prove themselves capable will be automatically gifted with increased power; while those of you who suck will simply have to watch the elite lap them or – God forbid – have their engine throttled down. Now here’s where things get really interesting…

For the first time ever, Hyper Karting is offering a membership package that practically pays for itself if you make a weekly habit out of getting a race in. At just $99 per month, it entitles you to…

  • Free & Significantly Discounted Main Track Races
  • Free Mini Track Races
  • 50% Off Drink Purchases
  • Free Arcade Games
  • Hyper Karting Hat

Bonus: Given the bargain price of a race during the earlier hours of the day, you essentially get to race for free every morning. 

Bonus II: A membership also grants access to exclusive “Expert” and competition races against your fellow Lewis Hamilton wannabes. 

Keen to give it a go? Hit the link below for a 7-day free trial of a Hyper Karting membership now (and never look back). 

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