Laphroaig Honours Salt, Fire & Peat With New Taste Trailblazers Series

Laphroaig Honours Salt, Fire & Peat With New Taste Trailblazers Series

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In celebrating the time-honoured traditions that help build flavour, Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky is putting the focus back on the fundamentals. With a new documentary, the storied Scotch highlights the natural building blocks that are used to impart flavour, celebrating the intersection of nature and technique.

That’s why the iconic distillery is partnering with incredible trailblazers from around the world, taking it back to the basics of salt, fire and peat in order to build something new.

Leading the charge is Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann as the label’s Global Taste Trailblazer, the subject of this new documentary – which you can view below – that follows the stalwart “Fire Chef” as he journeys through the Islay whisky distillery, exploring, examining and discovering how peat, fire and coastal smoke build flavour.

With a desire to highlight those who work with such elements to create flavour, the new documentary sheds light on the tireless work and innovation that sees Laphroaig channel nature’s gifts into incredible whiskies.

Masters Of Craft

Mallmann is the first of the various culinary personalities Laphroaig will engage as part of a Taste Trailblazers event series, all of who share a common language forged in the elements of salt, fire and peat. And who better? Mallman has become somewhat of a superstar over the past decade, backed by his standout episode on Netflix’s Chef’s Table with a reputation fortified by his nine acclaimed restaurants dotted around the globe.

Given the alignment between the Argentinian chef, who is known widely for his Patagonian open-fire cooking, and Laphroaig’s storied smoky character, it’s of little surprise that these two have much in common.

Consider it a tribute to the craggy shores of Islay Bay and the wild conditions that have gifted the world such a peerless whisky. A confident, inventive way to celebrate Laphroaig’s unmistakable profile, which has been a direct reflection of the label’s origin for more than 200 years. 

The Fire, The Salt & The Smoke

Invoking the salty seawater, the ocean breeze and the scorched-earth smokiness that has led to Laphroaig becoming one of the most divisive whiskies in the world, Taste Trailblazers will touch on the elements that make this single malt so highly prized in the whisky industry.

Salt, fire and peat are explored throughout this historic distillery, from the malted barley cold-smoked by traditional kilns, fueled by Islay peat, to the stormy Atlantic climate that pushes salt deep into the heart of Laphroaig.

In the new documentary, Mallman digs into the depths of Laphroaig by discovering new ways to contrast flavours from his cooking with not just the big, bold and powerful smokey flavours of Laphroaig, but also the delicately soft and satisfying finish.

It’s this contrast that fascinates Mallman more than traditional whisky pairings in the pursuit of iconic flavours. 

“I don’t believe in harmony,” says Mallman. “I like to have clashes in my mouth when I eat. It’s like having angels and demons inside.

“For me, cooking is all about bringing people together for a memorable experience. There is something special about sharing a great meal with friends,” continues the celebrated chef.

“Like Laphroaig, I find inspiration and passion by going beyond the status quo and finding ways to be inventive through my cooking techniques.”

A Taste Of Things To Come

As mentioned above, to celebrate the shared mastery of fire, salt and smoke that has united Laphroaig and Mallman, the distillery has spearheaded this immersive new documentary detailing the Argentinian chef’s journey to the label’s iconic Warehouse 1. Through the legendary chef’s eyes, we are witness to the craft of Laphroaig and the tempestuous conditions that come together to create the elements that are reflected in every drop of this treasured single malt scotch.

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