This Inverted Pyramid Will Be Spain’s Most Ludicrous Property Yet

This Inverted Pyramid Will Be Spain’s Most Ludicrous Property Yet

We’re all for epic and creative design aspirations here at Boss Hunting, particularly in the property arena. We’d thought we’d seen it all – until we glimpsed an image of this insane structure. This home has both literally and figuratively flipped every design expectation we’ve ever had on its head.

Here we have the latest venture from Tokyo-based architecture firm TNA, spearheaded by Makoto Takei and Chie Nabeshima. Essentially, it’s an inverted concrete pyramid anchored in the hills of the Spanish region of Matarraña.

Renders of the completed property show an internal format consisting of various platforms within an open space and rectangular excerpts for light on three sides with views of the surrounding forests.

The topography implies that guests will have to enter from the top floor, which overlooks the dining and lounge areas, before making their way down to the lower levels.

Here, they’ll find a smaller inverted pyramid, however this time with the base removed, which will form a rectangular pool below the house, accessible from the lowest most floor of the structure.

TNA hope to dot the surrounding landscape with similar, resort-style dwellings alongside French developer Christian Bourdais.