The Best Click Frenzy Julove Deals In Australia For 2022
— Updated on 24 November 2022

The Best Click Frenzy Julove Deals In Australia For 2022

— Updated on 24 November 2022
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Wallet still reeling from Prime Day? Amazon’s massive sale resulted in billions of dollars being spent online by smart shoppers taking advantage of the online retail giant and its biggest annual event. Wiser shoppers save their online shopping until those fortuitous few days when some of the world’s biggest brands like Apple, Dyson and Samsung put up some hefty discounts on everything from Airpods to vacuums and Galaxy buds. Albeit not quite as large and expansive, Click Frenzy Julove plays into a similar basket, with retailers like The ICONIC, The Good Guys and Shaver Shop, and brands like Bose, R.M. Williams and Michael Kors getting involved in the online shopping event.

What Is Click Frenzy Julove?

Click Frenzy JuLove is one of several events that fall under the Click Frenzy banner, the other two so far this year being Click Frenzy Mayhem (May) and Click Frenzy Travel (June). Click Frenzy Julove is arguably the more non-specific of the three, with thousands of deals across home goods, technology, beauty, fashion and grooming.

Click Frenzy claims to be the first online mega-sale in Australia, and it’s definitely one of the most recognised. The main sale events for Click Frenzy take place in May and November, but there are satellite sale events in February, June, July, September and December. This is obviously the July one and there are a few sales worth paying attention to, like one of THE ICONIC which includes up to 30% off select R.M. Williams clothing and accessories.

Shaver Shop, for example, is offering up to 70% off products while linen lovers get a good lick in with up to 60% off Sheridan goods. That’s nothing to scoff at, even if you fancy yourself the kind of bloke that doesn’t really look at price tags. Money saved here is money spent elsewhere, after all, so you can get those goods out of the way and throw those funds at more exciting experiences like hopping around the best new restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

When Is Click Frenzy Julove?

Click Frenzy Julove kicks off at 7 pm AEST on Tuesday July 26 and ends at the stroke of midnight on July 28. Unlike Prime Day, a lot of these deals are a bit more easy-going when it comes to timing. You’ll still want to act fast given a lot of these products will be snapped up first, but the deals aren’t going to be just popping up briefly and popping down just as fast. In other words, they aren’t timed. As long as you get in between the above timings, then you’re good to go whether you’re buying for yourself, the cheese & kisses or just a mate’s upcoming birthday.

That being said, there will be random deals popping up offering 99% off big-ticket items. These are time sensitive, of course, and very hard to time. To be tips to score these big deals are

Click Frenzy 99% Off Deals

Sometime within the 53-hour sale, there will be what is quite possibly the best deal Click Frenzy could possibly offer – an $8 PlayStation 5. Considering a PS5 is still ridiculously hard to get a hold of these days, and supply will be thin well into next year, it’s probably worth employing some of the above strategies to make sure you click, frenzily, once the PS5 deal pops up.

There will be other big-ticket items like this, but so far we’ve only got wind of the PS5 Click Frenzy deal popping up sometime within the next 53 hours. Other 99% Click Frenzy deals we are aware of are a $5 Nintendo Switch, $4 Apple AirPods Pro and a $14 Microsoft Surface Pro 7+.

The Best Click Frenzy Julove Deals In Australia

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