Here’s What A Bugatti Chiron Nespresso Machine Looks Like

There’s something about blending the idea of an expensive car with a coffee machine that activates a reptilian instinct in our minds. You may recall just a few short months prior, we shined a spotlight on the $17,000 Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition – which is modelled after a Porsche 993 air-cooled flat-six engine. Now, feast your eyes on a Bugatti Chiron Nespresso Machine.

The concept renders before you have been designed by Fábio Martins, a product/transportation designer based in Portugal. With the Nespresso C100 Essenza espresso machine as the base, Martins introduced elements from the Chiron, ranging from materials like titanium, aluminium, carbon fibre; even replicating the Chiron’s grille where the pods insert, and of course, finishing it all up with the iconic baby-blue.

Clearly not content with the machine alone, Martins has also designed a carry case and Nespresso pod stack as complementing items to round out the hypothetical set. You know… a little something to get the high-end clients’ juices really going.

While this Bugatti Chiron Nespresso machine is nowhere near coming into physical existence, it’s certainly a fun exercise to flick through the gallery below and fantasise about a reality where it does.

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