CloudAhoy Rewards Pilots For Creating Artwork In The Sky

Pilots are getting the chance to show off their inner Picasso thanks to CloudAhoy, a service that tracks flight routes. Pilots navigate a flight path leaving a visible track, effectively creating a ‘drawing’ in the sky. The ‘Wild Blue Doodle Contest’ rewards the pilot who can draw the most creative, well executed piece of art based on their flight pattern.

The ten finalists’ works include a sneaker, a wolf, a fighter jet and a cheetah. Pilots are judged by the public – there are 10 seriously impressive artworks to choose from and you can head over to the competition site to vote for the winner.

CloudAhoy began as a way to log your flights with GPS-derived data, using a free iPhone app. Today, it has evolved into a powerful debriefing service, allowing you to play back flights in a variety of formats (as you’ll see above).

If you’re wondering why your next flight is delayed, old mate in the cockpit might be channelling his inner-creative genius. Ask your next flight attendant if you can have a crack, otherwise check out the ridiculously cool entries above.