First Look: The Gamechangers

BBC has released the first trailer for their upcoming Grand Theft Auto docudrama, and it looks impressive. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is the most successful console series of all time and The Gamechangers, starring Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar Games president Sam Houser, examines the games development and public scrutiny in 2002 with the release of Grand Theft Auto 3. The film also features Bill Paxton as Jack Thompson, a former attorney that famously campaigned against the series with little success.

In May, Rockstar Games filed a lawsuit against the BBC over trademark infringement, with the developer stating that it’s had “no involvement” with the project and seemingly disapproves of it altogether. Despite ensuing legal action, the broadcaster appears unfazed and The Gamechangers is scheduled to air in the UK on September 15th at 9pm on BBC Two. Access to the film (legally) internationally is not yet clear, but BBC are expected to make it available to international audiences soon. We can’t wait.