Google Confirms Pixel Fold With First-Look Image & Teaser Trailer
— 5 May 2023

Google Confirms Pixel Fold With First-Look Image & Teaser Trailer

— 5 May 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

UPDATE [05/05/2023]: After a good few weeks of speculation, the Google Pixel Fold has been officially confirmed with the company sharing a first-look image.

Google’s first foldable phone will officially be announced at the annual I/O developer’s conference next week on May 10, locked in with a cheeky Tweet from Google sharing a teaser video of the Pixel Fold alongside a hammy Star Wars Day joke with “May the Fold Be With You.”

Yet we don’t exactly have any specs for you at this moment. As above, Google has only teased the announcements ahead of its developer’s conference, feeding us confirmation that the long-rumoured foldable does indeed exist.

While foldable phones are no longer novel, Google’s entry into the growing market at least looks stunning. The phone is reported to run on the Tensor G2 processor and comes with the most durable hinge on a foldable device to date. As per existing rumours, the 5.8-inch phone is able to fold out into a 7.6-inch tablet and be priced at around US$1,700.

I guess we’ll find out on May 10 when the Google Pixel Fold specs, price and availability is announced.

Original Article – Google Pixel Fold Will Reportedly Arrive In June 2023

Google’s first-ever foldable phone could be just around the corner. According to a new report by CNBC, leaked internal marketing materials from Google indicate that the long-rumoured Google Pixel Fold will be revealed as early as the company’s annual developer conference, Google I/O on May 10 with the Google Pixel Fold release date following shortly after in June.

The leaks have sparked a fresh batch of rumours that point towards the Pixel Fold actually running with the name codename “Felix,” detailed to have the “most durable hinge on a foldable” to date with a price tag of around US$1,700 which positions it as slightly cheaper than Samsung’s well-received Galaxy Z Fold 4.

As per the leaked materials, Google plans on marketing the Pixel Fold as water-resistant and pocket-sized as part of the major messaging with a 5.8-inch outside screen and a tablet-sized 7.6-inch screen. This seems to be the standard size of a high-end foldable now, given the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold has similar dimensions, although Google’s attempt at capturing this growing market will be “slightly heavier,” assumedly due to the larger battery which Google will claim lasts for 24 hours in standard mode and 72 hours in low-power mode.

Google will use the same high-performance Tensor G2 chipset that can be found in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which we all know – as per a fairly pervasive marketing campaign – is most significant when it comes to exclusive photo editing options and should theoretically help the Pixel Fold’s camera edge out the competition.

The leaked document also implies that Google will be started a trade-in program not dissimilar to what Apple does each year, enticing customers to swap in their current Pixel, iPhone or another Android-powered phone for a nice discount on what will be Google’s most expensive flagship to date. The company may also offer a free Pixel Watch to Pixel Fold buyers to further incentivise them to make the switch.

Note, the Google Pixel Fold release date is only rumoured so far. There’s every chance that these rumours, as they have been in the past, will turn out to be wrong. We’ll keep updating you as more details emerge about Google’s long-awaited entry in the increasingly competitive market for flagship foldable smartphones.

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