GoPro Launch New QuikStories Feature That Takes The Hassle Out Of Editing

GoPro’s make capturing content easy. For your average user, however, what hasn’t been easy is actually doing something with that content.

You may film all this amazing footage, which is lost in a convoluted and confusing editing process. You give up, and sit there wondering why your finished product just doesn’t quite look like the GoPro launch video.

If you’re going to persevere with this strategy, brush up your skills with our GoPro guide.

Or, like many, if you don’t have the time or patience, GoPro have answered your prayers with a feature allowing anyone at any skill level to tell their story in one tap.

We were invited to a day out with the legends at GoPro to test out their new ‘QuikStories’ app, a way for anyone to be able to get a finished product ready to share all in the same day.

The content is synced as soon as you open the app, with users able to customise as much or as little as they like. You can adjust the length, swap out the music, apply filters and other special effects or simply let GoPro whip up its own interpretation of your day out.

If you’ve got all the gear but no idea, GoPro have got your back.

Hit up the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the new feature now, and check out what the new tech can do for yourself with our edit above.