6 Best iPhone 15 Cases For The Clumsy Bloke In 2024
— Updated on 29 December 2023

6 Best iPhone 15 Cases For The Clumsy Bloke In 2024

— Updated on 29 December 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Now that Apple has launched the iPhone 15 series – bottomed out by the regular iPhone 15 and topped by the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max – just about every relevant brand out there is competing to offer the best new iPhone cases they can. Most are just sticking to what works for them and upping the size or shifting dimensions, while a few others are taking the opportunity to switch up materials or add extra protective features.

From premium brands like Bellroy and Mujjo to the likes of Otterbox and Incipio, there are surprisingly a lot of iPhone cases already out there, trying to capture the trigger-happy Apple fans who have already done their due diligence and braved the snaking queues at Apple Stores around the world for the new iPhones.

After all, mobile phones ideally need as much protection (or style) as possible, even in this era of advanced Gorilla Glass and the iPhone 15’s durable Ceramic Shield. Anyone wanting extra security would be wise to look through the below, as opposed to grabbing any old iPhone 15 case from Mobileciti and discarding it a few days later.

The following are the best iPhone 15 cases out right now, whether that’s purely for aesthetics or advanced protective features that go beyond your standard iPhone cases. Sure, these aren’t as meaningful investments as computer accessories or camera accessories, but the best cases out there will generally offer something that goes beyond the main function – providing extra protection to your daily driver, whether you’re using the iPhone as a standalone device or in tandem with your Apple Watch and Apple AirPods.

Note, that you’ll probably want to give some screen protectors a quick browse as well if you want to set your new phone up properly. Just consider screen size before you start looking.

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Best iPhone Cases – Table Of Contents

  1. Will An iPhone 13 Case Fit An iPhone 14?
  2. Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet
  3. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case
  4. Apple Leather Case With MagSafe
  5. Nomad Modern Leather Case
  6. ROCKFORM Rugged
  7. Casetify Bounce

Will An iPhone 14 Case Fit An iPhone 15?

iPhone 14 Pro Review: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models look fairly similar, so it’s reasonable to think you can just use your current iPhone case when you make the leap to Apple’s new flagship. You can, but only in some cases (no pun intended).

The iPhone 15 is slightly thicker than the iPhone 15, but the size and dimensions are more or less the same so you should be able to use your current case. You’ve still got a perfectly sized 6.1-inch display and the buttons should be fine. You’re good to go here.

However, if you’ve got an iPhone 13 Pro and you’re wondering if your current case can fit the iPhone 15 Pro. Forget about it. The Pro has new button placements and a bigger camera, so even though both may look the same, the slight differences mean your iPhone 14 Pro case won’t be as functional or comfortable if you manage to snap it onto your new iPhone 15 Pro.

The same applies to the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 15 Plus, which will be released in early October.

The Best iPhone 15 Cases

Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet

Bellroy is bringing back the brand’s popular Mod Phone Case + Wallet for the iPhone 15 series, and it’s apparently already selling fast. The attractive case is compatible with MagSafe accessories but the primary feature is the Mod wallet, which can be detached and switched out for different colours, all in premium eco-tanned leather.

The wallet attachment mechanism is now handled by just one rail, whereas the original Bellroy Mod Phone Case had two. This cleans up the back a bit, looking much slicker as the Mod Wallet itself juts out just enough to fit three priority cards securely and is hidden from sight behind a magnetic trap door that you can open by swiping your thumb.

Although iPhone cases are meant to be stylish, ironically many have become boring and end up being discarded anyway because they add too much bulk. This Bellroy iPhone case is an easy exception and actually offers something considered to make the iPhone much more convenient and easier to use.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

If you want to tap into that real premium look for your new iPhone then Mujjo is typically the first brand that springs to mind. Its cases don’t change much from year to year because the manufacturer has already nailed that classic look with premium leather and nice attention to detail such as Japanese microfibre lining.

For the iPhone’s new generation, Mujjo has tightened the eco-credentials and presented a round of MagSafe-compatible cases in durable Ecco Leather. Machined metal buttons on the side have been designed for instant responsiveness, carved from dyed metal to match the leather and keep that brilliant-coloured finish looking seamless and smart.

The card wallet is stitched on well, with enough space to hold several credit cards or ID cards.

Apple Leather Case With MagSafe

Apple is notorious for trying to keep you in its own ecosystem as much as possible, so the Californian company doesn’t skimp when it comes to new iPhone cases. Even though brands like Mujjo and Bellroy are generally more popular amongst Apple users, grabbing an Apple-designed case ain’t a bad shout at all.

Apple sticks with a classic, minimalist design for its cases and nothing has changed for the iPhone 15. The Apple Leather Case with MagSafe is made from specially tanned and finished leather with a soft touch, geared to develop a natural patina over time so the iPhone ages with you. If you’ve already picked up the new iPhone, then that “aging” will likely just be across a year since there’s little doubt you’ll jump onto the iPhone 15 when that comes out next year.

I’ve found the Apple-designed case shows some scuffs after repeated use with MagSafe accessories so you might want to take note of that before you make the investment. Still, the magnet angle Apple has been taking these past few years is worth paying attention to, given that you don’t necessarily want to be buying some new power banks every couple of months.

Nomad Modern Leather Case

Noticing a trend here? Minimalist design, eco-certified leather and a classic look. You want your iPhone 15 cases to echo a sophisticated aesthetic – bread-and-butter for Nomad. The heritage vegetable-tanned full-grain Danish leather looks and feels the business, with the company’s Modern Leather case offering a 10-foot drop protection.

Like with all the other cases on this list, you can use MagSafe accessories with a reliable magnet system. The cases also include dual lanyard attachment points for a bit more flexibility. Plus, you might want to pay a bit extra and upgrade from Danish leather to American-made Horween leather.


If you don’t really care about looks – like really don’t care – and you’re only about performance, shift your attention over to the incredibly geeky ROKFORM Rugged. It’s the case you want for advanced protection as well as being able to connect securely to a wider range of accessories and mounts. The case has an industrial-grade MagSafe magnet array which is around five times stronger than your standard MagSafe system.

The new iPhone 15 case also comes with an integrated RokLok twist locking system which you can use to secure your new phone to any compatible surface, like a bike, motorcycle or car mount. Throw in the fact that this case passed with flying colours when it came to the Military Grade Drop Test (rated MIL-STD 810G-516.6 – basically, really damn strong) and your iPhone 15 might as well be bulletproof.

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Casetify Bounce

Here’s another iPhone 15 case that’s not necessarily the most attractive, although it does have a slight sci-fi charm to it. It’s all about function over form here, and although the case is very customisable no amount of sheen will make this look as slick as something like the Bellroy Mod Phone Case or the Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case.

With enhanced protective corners, a raised bezel to further protect the screen and a lofty 21.3-foot drop protection rating, this is the tits for anyone who’s not too confident that they’d be able to keep their new iPhone from slamming onto the ground. And yes, you can use both MagSafe and wireless charging with this slightly transparent iPhone case.

The biggest benefit here is that Casetify has a pretty big range of other iPhone cases too with different features. They are all quite dorky when it comes to looks, but at least you’ve got some choices.

Best iPhone Case For iPhone 15 Series – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need an iPhone case?

Well, first you need to decide if you’re in the market for a new case because you want a stylish look or are looking for something more functional with significant drop protection. In either case, a new iPhone case will add another dimension to your phone and give you some peace of mind with added safety features.

Who makes the best iPhone cases?

The top iPhone cases come from premium brands like Bellroy, Mujjo and Nomad.

Is the new iPhone 15 worth the upgrade?

The iPhone 15 is only worth the upgrade if you want a vastly improved camera system, particularly when it comes to recording video. Other than that, if you’ve still got the 14 then upgrading right now isn’t necessary.

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