Next-Gen TV Tech: How Is Leading The Smart TV Game

Next-Gen TV Tech: How Is Leading The Smart TV Game

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Although it’s well past the point of introduction, it’s worth reminding you just how far TV technology has come over the past decade. Thanks to seamless advancements integrating the Internet into home entertainment, we now have what we call smart TVs – virtuoso content hubs that pull together the excitement of cinema and streaming.

But not all are made equal. And most are made very, very expensive. 

The TV is, of course, the most important factor in creating a baller home entertainment set-up and it quite literally pays to time your purchase just right. Value matters. You can grab your ideal smart TV for the right price if you know when and where to look, freeing your budget up to complete your home cinema with those ideal additions like soundbars, subwoofers, satellite speakers and smart lighting.

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That’s what makes such a compelling source for your TV needs. The online-only, multi-award-winning Australian retailer’s range of smart TVs, 4K smart TVs, and both QLED and OLED TVs are wide and varied, illustrating the breadth of what’s out there regarding advanced TV technology. 

Across the many advancements in TVs over the past decade, has managed to stay ahead of the game by offering new, cutting-edge smart TVs at a more sensible price point.

The best bit: the costs are kept super low with’s vigilant team constantly procuring the world’s top brands for the lowest price possible, maintained due to the fact that there are no retail stores or wholesalers to contend with. 

With the middle man gone, a generous 14-day ‘change of mind’ policy, its own brand and a factory to ship directly from, expensive products like next-gen TVs become genuine bargains on without compromising on quality or innovation.

You know all the smart TV touchpoints that you’ll need to take your entertainment to the next level. HDMI 2.1 ports are a must since they provide incredibly smooth frame rates for fluid visuals and low latency inputs (a must for gamers). Design is another big benefit, with manufacturers always attempting to use slim, lightweight materials for immersive presentation. Then you’ve got the most important consideration – picture quality.

As mentioned above, picture quality varies based on the category of TV technology your device falls under. Is it an OLED or a QLED? A standard smart TV or a 4K smart TV? Understand these and you can better choose a next-gen TV that’s right for both how you consume content and where you want to position your new entertainment one-stop-shop.

To help, here’s a quick rundown on each of these major categories of TV innovation and how they distinctly use light sources (that is, pixels) to balance picture quality with affordability.

HD Smart TV vs 4K Smart TV

At the most cost-effective level, you’re choosing between an HD smart TV and a 4K smart TV. The former obviously derives most of its benefit from price. These are the most affordable next-gen TVs out there so it’s perfectly viable to climb to a higher size if you’re opting for this, where the resolution is typically 1920 x 1080 – perfectly fine for casual viewing.

Take something like F98T for example. At 40 inches, it’s one of Kogan’s self-branded LED Full HD smart TVs using the highly efficient Google TV hub. LED TVs are generally less expensive with higher brightness, so look great in all lighting conditions. With the EOFY sale that’s currently running on, you can pick this bad boy up for just $269 – a steal by any measure and an easy way to get a reasonably large smart TV into a space like a bedroom or a study.

If you were to bump the resolution up to 4K then you’d typically look at spending well over $1,000. Not with Right now, the online retailer has a whopping 70-inch LED 4K Smart Android TV – the TX9520 – for $779 ($749 if you’re a FIRST member). The advanced TV supports both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, offering deeper immersion both in sound and picture quality with HDR and a seamless Android hub that works with Google Assistant.


You’re playing in the big leagues when you’re picking between OLED and QLED. These two leading TV technologies represent the pinnacle of picture quality right now and are necessary when you want those rich, cinematic experiences for everything from movies and TV to sports and games.

An OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) will generally be much thinner and more immersive as it doesn’t require a traditional backlight. The pixels here can adjust themselves individually, leading to greater contrast ratios and those visually pleasing, deep inky blacks that help make colour really pop in dark lighting. 

For a good OLED, look to the Kogan 65-inch X2 with Android TV. The mind-blowing picture quality offered by OLED is exemplified with this panel, which comes in at a very balanced $1,779 with wide viewing angles, so none of your mates will complain when you have them over for the big game, and comprehensive connectivity with HDMI, LAN and USB inputs.

While OLED’s are class-leading for contrast, QLED (Quantum Light Emitting Diode) has one big benefit over the technology – brightness. OLED’s are great with darkness but nowhere near as good as QLED’s with brightness. If you want your TV panel to really pop in all lighting conditions, then look into this technology which adds a layer of nanoparticles to your traditional LED backlight, allowing for enhancements to contrast and colour.

The result: bright, long-lasting and generally more affordable than OLED. Using, you can get something as premium as the Kogan 85-inch Q98J – a QLED 4K smart TV with Google’s seamless content hub. At $1,749, it’s a beauty with built-in Chromecast, numerous HDBI and USB inputs and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Bump it up to 98 inches and you’re looking at just $3,949 or make do with 75 inches and you’ve got a price tag of $979.

Time It Right

As mentioned above, if you time your purchase correctly then you can take something that’s already incredibly value-driven like and lower your cost even further. Again, this can free up your budget so you can build a better quality home cinema for less. It’s not cheap, it’s smart.

That’s why EOFY is such a pivotal time for people looking for something major tech upgrades to their home. It’s the ideal time to up your entertainment via, with the retailer offering some substantial savings on already affordable TVs in its comprehensive range.

Ready to upgrade your entertainment game? Kogan TVs are the best value in the market. Get browsing here.

And if you’re lucky enough to be reading this during their EOFY sales, you’ll also get free shipping on select TVs from 28-30 June.

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