Kohler’s $20,000 Stillness Bath Is A Voice-Activated Aromatherapy Tub

Kohler’s $20,000 Stillness Bath Is A Voice-Activated Aromatherapy Tub

UPDATE [05/01/2022]: Although Kohler revealed the Stillness Bath last year, the brand had remained tight-lipped on availability. Until now, it seems. Using CES 2022 as an excuse, Kohler has now revealed that the ridiculous luxe, tech-heavy Stillness Bath will be available for online orders by the end of March 2022. The base model will start around US$8,000 (~AU$11,047), which is slightly more expensive as it was originally assumed the entry-level product would settle around the AU$8,000 mark.

There will also be other models, like the Infinity Experience, which will fetch a higher price. Given the base model starts at $11k, you’re most likely looking at up to AU$25,000 for the fully kitted version.

Kohler also announced pricing and availability for its PerfectFill smart bathing technology, which is a separately-sold system that allows you to fill your bath to a specific depth and temperature via voice command, a control panel, or the Konnet app. You can have up to 10 presets, which is a great way to at least nab some of that modern Kohler tech without forking out for a brand new tub. That’ll be available from March as well, for a starting price of around US$2,700 (AU$3,727). You’ll also be able to use the tech to drain the bath, with the system using a Kohler digital valve to do all the work.

Original Article – Kohler’s $20,000 Stillness Bath Is A Voice-Activated Aromatherapy Tub

A tech-advanced smart tub, dubbed the Stillness Bath, from Kohler hasn’t really come as a surprise. The American-based bathroom ware company is, of course, known for their increasingly eccentric smart home products, like last year’s Alexa-enabled Moxie showerhead. And yet it’s still the kind of eye-widening announcement that gets smart home enthusiasts all weak at the knees, showcased at the currently running, all-digital CES 2021.

The annual tech showcase has already given us an idea of what to expect from the likes of Samsung and Lenovo, now Kohler has jumped into the game with a round of exciting announcements, headlined by that aforementioned Stillness Bath, which has been inspired by the historic mindful practice of Japanese forest bathing.

Designed in absolute faith to relaxation and solace, the Kohler Stillness Bath comes in four different tiers, the highest of which throws in the brand’s full spectrum which includes an integrated mood lighting system, fog generation, and an “experience tower” which engages an aromatherapy program. It’s all voice-controlled too, so far compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

Kohler’s $20,000 Stillness Bath Is A Voice-Activated Aromatherapy Tub

Basic functions work as you expect. Either use an app or your voice to start the water flor, which fills the tub from the bottom and can overflow into a wooden moat that surrounds the tub, allowing you to achieve that infinity effect without splashing water all over the place. You can also set-up pre-sets to dial in the exact level of water and temperature for the perfect bath every single time.

For a closer look, check out this video from CNET.

Like most CES announcements this week, price and availability is still a vague topic. According to reports Kohler is looking at around US$16,000 (~AU$20,780) for the most expensive model, with the least expensive clocking roughly US$6,198 (~AU$8,050). As for availability, rumours have it arriving to market around May 2021.