Leica’s Slick 007 Edition ‘No Time To Die’ Q2 Camera Is An $11,000 Powerhouse
— 14 September 2021

Leica’s Slick 007 Edition ‘No Time To Die’ Q2 Camera Is An $11,000 Powerhouse

— 14 September 2021
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Although leaks have been circulating since last year, it appears with the newly minted release date of No Time To Die, Lecia has finally decided to unleash their stunning black-and-green Lecia Q2 007 limited edition camera. While clearly aligned to help build hype for the hyper-delayed film, it’s not a toothless cash-grab like most film-adjacent merch is, with Leica clearly putting a lot of effort in blending their meticulous design know-how and subtle Bond-referencing details. From the photos and specs alone, how the high-end German company has transformed the classic Lecia Q2 into something slick and nostalgic is nothing short of impressive.

Anyone who has been following the Lecia x James Bond collaborations should already be aware that this isn’t the only expression coming our way. The Lecia No Time To Die camera will also come in a full-black finish with subtle gold or brass detailings, although the release of that particular version is yet to be confirmed. On the other hand, the 007 version is available now and has just been shot up onto the Lecia website with a humble price tag of US$7,995 (~AU$10,848).

The bespoke “Ocean Green” leather exterior and handgrip, designed by British luggage label Globe-Trotter, is attractive enough, but the real kicker is the metal lens cap. The clever detail is patterned after the signature James Bond gun barrel sequences that have become so emblematic of the series.

Aside from glossy 007 branding on the deck cap, there’s minimal branding for this version. Not that there’s any need; that unmistakable lens cap screams James Bond loudly enough. Rounding out the elegant aesthetic is a limited edition number engraved on the rear display, which will count up to just 250, making this as much of a worthwhile investment as a collector’s item than a premium spy tool for any James Bond enthusiast out there. And yes, each edition will come with a certificate of authenticity, along with a handcrafted case designed by Globe-Trotter in the same “Ocean Green” leather.

Much like the film itself, the camera’s release date has been looming for quite some time. To celebrate its overdue release, Lecia has also posted a special behind-the-scenes gallery online, curated by No Time to Die producer Michael G. Wilson. An offline version of the No Time to Die – Behind the Scenes exhibition has also popped up and is currently on display at Leica’s London gallery, showcasing the set-work of 4 different photographers, all focused on capturing James Bond in the making. One of those photographers was Daniel Craig himself.

“Daniel Craig has a very particular eye, and after pouring his heart and soul into five Bond films, has developed a deep connection to our crew,” said Wilson.

“Hence, he has taken some wonderful behind-the-scenes shots focused on the people who help us bring Bond to life.”

In terms of specs, nothing has really changed from the standard Lecia Q2. It’s still a beast of a performer, with a lot of premium features like a newly developed high-resolution OLED viewfinder with a lag-free high refresh rate, and a blazingly fast autofocus system that can zone in on a subject within milliseconds. Lecia has also improved the Maestro II processor, enabling a high continuous burst shooting rate with 10fps, even at maximum resolution. There’s also 4K UHD and Cine4K video recording with frame rate options across 4K and 1080p.

lecia 007 q2 camera drops for $11,000
The back of Leica's new 007 themed camera
a top-down view of Lecia's 007 camera
Globe-Trotter have designed a special ocean green leather case for the Lecia 007 camera

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