LG Reveals Huge 97-Inch M3 OLED TV With “Completely Wireless” Technology
— 9 January 2023

LG Reveals Huge 97-Inch M3 OLED TV With “Completely Wireless” Technology

— 9 January 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Eliminating unsightly TV cables has been one of the major trends at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, and LG is looking to pioneer the concept with its new “completely wireless” Zero Connect wireless technology. Essentially, it’s a wireless box that takes care of all the cables, not much different to what’s already out there, except that it’s able to stream real-time video and audio at up to 4K 120Hz. And it facilities what could possibly be LG’s best TV to date, the 97-inch OLED M3.

LG announced a 97-inch OLED, the G2, at CES last year, presenting what is the largest OLED ever made. So consider the M3 a refinement, using the South Korean tech giant’s new wireless technology that’s quite the nifty little box. All it needs is to plugged into a power source, then it can act as your wireless media hub with three external HDMI ports and all the other necessary connections for a smart TV in 2023.

The Zero Connect box can be placed anywhere near the TV, offering much more flexibility for those who want to position a TV anywhere. It’s particularly ideal for those who like to wall-hang their units.


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“Because it can be placed away from the TV, the Zero Connect box helps to create a cleaner, distraction-free viewing environment and gives users greater freedom to arrange their space,” reads a press release from LG.

As such, the LG M3 TV is literally just the screen and speakers, while the Zero Connect box handles everywhere else from a distance. And yes, the box is even compatible with voice commands via all the noted assistants.

Key to this is a newly developed algorithm which LG uses to identify the optimal tranmission path between the Zero Connect box and the TV. The algorithm was designed to help minimise any transmission errors or disruptions despite any nearby movement or changes in the immediate environment. The result should be an incredibly seamless stream of fluid 4K content coming from the box.


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Combined with LG’s One Wall Design, which cuts off the back and ensures there’s no gap between the TV and the wall, this thing should look incredible in any space.

There is one issue, however. LG hasn’t yet revealed any release date or pricing for the M3 OLED. The G2 OLED that was announced last year is expected to retail for around $80,000 so I’d think the wireless M3 would be priced a bit higher. I wouldn’t be surprised if LG inch closer to six figures for this one, but once full details are confirmed this article will be updated.

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