LG’s $87,000 Rollable OLED TV Is A World First

LG’s $87,000 Rollable OLED TV Is A World First

First showcased in 2018 and vaguely promised in 2019, the LG Signature OLED TV RX is finally ready to – quite literally – roll out for retail. Following the current trend of discreet smart TVs which fit more seamlessly within home design, this 65-inch screen is fully rollable thanks to a 4K flexible panel 

As you may recall, we reported the word on the LG Signature OLED TV RX back in 2018. But now that the RX has officially rolled out for consumers, we know much more about the specific mechanics behind this panel pack away – as well as the impressive high-end specs which take away the “gimmick” label.

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The RX stands on its own aluminium box-like unit and can disappear into the fold when the TV isn’t in use. Or it can peek out slightly to function as a clock, display pictures, even control music via its Google Assistant + Amazon Alexa support and premium Kvadrat-covered speakers supporting 100-watt Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound. A simple press of a button will control the panel’s rollable function, toggled between “Full View”, “Line View”, and “Zero View”. 

Specs include an auto-low latency mode and less than 1ms response time, so your experience viewing content should be fluid and responsive. Although there’s no G-Sync support or even FreeSync – so console gaming won’t be as optimal as other modern TVs.

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The RX requires specific craftsmanship, so all units will be built-to-order, leaving plenty of room for buyers to have the aluminium unit engraved and the wool-covered speakers customised in a variety of colours such as “signature black”, “moon grey”, “topaz blue”, or “toffee brown”.

The LG Signature OLED RX is currently only available in South Korea and retails for US$87,000. Official word has yet to be dropped on international availability, but seeing as it’s now finally in retail somewhere, we expect it won’t be long before it hits Australian shores.