Louis Vuitton’s Horizon Earphones Debut For An Extortionate Price

Anything Virgil Abloh touches essentially doubles in price immediately (note, anything Off-White). Now as Louis Vuitton’s Artistic creator, the trend is continued into 2019 with Louis Vuitton’s latest Horizon Earphones.

If you thought the Apple AirPods were unnecessarily pricey, get ready for this:

Louis Vuitton’s Horizon Earphones will sell for $995 USD. 

The only thing more expensive at such a small size is precious jewellery. Claiming the #1 title for the most expensive wireless earbuds on the market, Louis Vuitton’s Wireless Earphones aren’t purely a fashion statement. Early reviews in regards to sound quality have been overwhelmingly positive, thanks to audio specialists Master & Dynamic. But $995 USD? You’re paying for a brand here.

The wireless earphones offer 3.5 hours of listening time with a battery case that enables an extra 20. Colour schemes include black, white, red monogram, or the coveted blue and yellow LV stripes.

I mean if you’ve got the cash to splash and the ego to fulfil, Louis Vuitton’s Horizon Earphones could be for you. But as a more frugal (and perhaps more reasonable) man, I’ll be sticking with one of the best true wireless earbuds you can buy in 2019.