Meet AmpStrip. Your New Workout Buddy

Wearable tech is becoming a huge industry especially in terms of exercise monitors. Now you can monitor where, and how fast you run, how many calories you burn, and they can keep track of your exercise habits. There is one small problem with these devices however. They only monitor you when you are at peak activity. It is hard to wear current monitoring devices 24/7, so it is hard to gauge what your lifestyle is actually like. Now, what if there was a small monitor that you could wear all the time, that can provide you with crucial information?

Well the folks at Fitlinxx had this same thought and have created the AmpStrip . A small adhesive monitor, the AmpStrip provides crucial information 24/7. Sticking to the torso, AmpStrip monitors activity, skin temperature, posture, heart rate and heart rate recovery, sleep, steps, and burned calories.

With all of this crucial information gathered it is easy to see if your body has recovered from exercise. It is waterproof and the adhesive patch lasts for around a week, and it comes with a wireless charger. The AmpStrip is an exciting piece of gear and I am definitely going to try and give one a go. The AmpStrip is currently available on FitLinxx’s Indiegogo page. The AmpStrip was Engadgets best of CES 2015.