Royole Releases The World’s First Commercial Foldable Smartphone

Designed for consumers who never want to sacrifice a large screen for mobility, the ‘FlexPai’ smart device from Royole is a smartphone and tablet in one. Featuring a 7.8-inch full-colour display screen and 1920 x 1440 resolution, the FlexPai can get just about any job you’d ever have done.

Founder and CEO Dr. Bill Liu quoted that the phone (yes, it’s being marketed primarily as a phone), “perfectly solves the contradiction between the high-definition large-screen experience and portability, which introduces a whole new dimension to the human-machine interface. The phone’s inherent design will forever change the consumer electronics industry, as well as the way people interact with and perceive their world.”

Starting at $1588 USD, you can see more of the FlexPai in the gallery above. For a full spec sheet and to grab one, head here.

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Images courtesy of Royole.