How To Literally Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe With The Samsung AirDresser
— Updated on 30 January 2023

How To Literally Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe With The Samsung AirDresser

— Updated on 30 January 2023
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

As the crisp air begins to warm up and your big winter coat stays in the cupboard more often than not, there’s never been a better time to plan ahead and prepare your wardrobe for the season ahead. Enter: the Samsung AirDresser.

Billed as an “innovative laundry solution that cuts down on your dry cleaning and laundry chores”, the AirDresser is fundamentally an electronic closet that is designed to clean, de-crease and sanitise your clothes and accessories. Released in Australia earlier this year, it’s one of the coolest pieces of home-tech we’ve come across in a long time and uses a range of innovative steam technologies to reinvigorate your favourite garments.

Here’s how to best prepare yourself for the season ahead with the Samsung AirDresser.

Pack away the woolies

We’re of the belief that winter is by far the best season when it comes to men’s style – which means you should have been investing in your winter wardrobe for a while now. It also happens to be the most brutal season on garments, and expensive investment pieces that have copped a beating from the elements need to be treated well. The AirDresser has a range of modes that’ll help clean and sanitise your winter gear so you can store it away knowing it’s in tip-top shape.

There’s a ‘Down Jacket’ mode for puffers that leaves them fluffier than ever – and smelling great. A ‘Winter Coat’ mode for the overcoat we hope you’ve been wearing, and even a ‘Denim’ cycle to get rid of the stench your jeans have no doubt acquired over the last few months.

Spruce up your transitional wear

It’s Spring. Time to literally dust off the bomber jackets, flannel shirts, and lightweight jumpers ready for them to make their debut. Months of sitting neglected at the back of your wardrobe or in a hard-to-reach storage box means that your transitional wear needs some TLC before wearing again.

The AirDresser uses a four-step method to loosen and remove dust and mites, deodorise your clothes, and clean them, without having the stress that a full dry-clean would put on the garments. If you’re emerging from lockdown and venturing back into the office in a suit, the AirDresser is the perfect way to refresh a wardrobe-stricken suit too.

Fight off hay fever

For many of us, the welcome warmth of Spring comes with the dreaded caveat of hay feverish days. Pollens, dust mites, animal hairs – if you can name it, your clothes will probably catch it as they fly through the air while you wear them. Keeping your gear clean of these tiny, hard to combat allergy agents becomes a non-issue with a Samsung AirDresser, which can effectively remove certain bacteria from your garments daily with up to 99.9% effectiveness*. It’s a simple yet powerful combination of air and steam that will do wonders for anyone at the mercy of a sniffle or a sneeze in peak Spring.

Fun fact; pollen levels are usually at their highest in the early hours of the morning and similarly in the evening, meaning you could even throw your pillow and doona covers in the AirDresser for a better, less irritated night’s sleep. The AirDresser is so good at getting rid of pollen and dust from clothes and bedding that it’s been given the National Asthma Council Australia’s tick of approval, and a Seal of Approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

If you care about looking after your clothes, your hygiene, and protecting yourself from hay fever – the Samsung AirDresser has you covered. It’s priced at RRP $3,049 and you can pick one up at select retail outlets and online.

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This article is proudly presented in partnership with Samsung. Thank you for supporting the brands who make Boss Hunting possible.

*A) 99.9% of selected viruses (Adenovirus, Influenza and Herpesvirus) based on testing by the Korea Univ. lab B) 100% of house mites, based on testing by Intertek/BAF certification testing using a Sterilisation course for 112 minutes C) 99% of odour causing gases (Iso-Valeric acid: sweat, 4-Ethenyl pyridine: tobacco, Valeraldehyde: food e.g. from grilled meat, and Tetrachloroethylene: dry cleaning) based on testing by Intertek using a normal Course D) 99% of harmful substances (Perchloroethylene) based on testing by Intertek using a Normal course. Individual results may vary depending on the actual usage situation.

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