WIN: A Samsung Bespoke Galaxy Package For The One-Of-A-Kind Legend In Your Life

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Adam Hughes – he’s been the best mate I could ever ask for. Walked me through the toughest breakup of my life (more than my family or any other friendship circle) all while going through his own hardships and hectic work schedule. The best bloke I know.

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The past two years admittedly haven’t been the easiest. Thankfully, we’re still standing. And now’s the time to take stock, count our blessings, and reward those who deserve it the most. Which is why we want you to nominate a person in your life who has been a proper legend throughout all the BS to receive something as special as they are.

We’re looking for that one-of-a-kind mate, family member, colleague, or unsung hero to gift Samsung’s personalised offering.

An offering that’s deliciously bespoke and sure to plaster a mile-wide grin to their faces come December 25th: a customised Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Bespoke, and a pair of Buds2. Bespoke tech, of course, is the new benchmark when it comes to luxury, success, and modern fashion.

Bespoke tech also solves all the usual Christmas time gifting dilemmas. Because, let’s be real, even if you’re faced with the most impossible individual to gift for – i.e. the man/woman who has everything, enjoys very little – it’s pretty damn hard to beat a present pulled together specifically for them. It’s the perfect blend of something thoughtful, something useful, and something from the heart in one stylish package.

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Enough chit chat. Let’s get down to brass tacks. Submit your name and email address with an anecdote about someone being your undercover hero below (if you want to nominate yourself for a little ego boost, go for it). If they’re as much of a legend as you claim, they’ll receive a fully-customised Samsung package for Christmas.

Terms & Condition can be found here. Entries will be drawn on merit at 11:59PM AEST, December 24th.

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