Samsung Wants You To Buy A Foldable (And They’re Making It Very Affordable)

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy Z Fold3 X Flip3 1

By now, it should be abundantly clear that Samsung is banking on the future being foldable. But if that sentiment has somehow eluded you, then perhaps the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 at the tech giant’s second annual Unpacked event might get the message across.

Presented in lieu of the next-generation Samsung Galaxy Note which many had anticipated, not only will both coming iterations showcase technical refinements – they’ll also be the most reasonably priced foldable releases yet. The Fold3 will hit Aussie shelves starting from $2,499 (a considerable $500 less than previous Fold devices at launch), while the Flip3 will be available to cop for a starting price of $1,499 (an even heftier $700 less than last year’s device).

Durability has perenially been called into question since the maiden Galaxy Z Fold. Those of you on the brink of consideration may be happy to learn that in addition to being the most affordable Samsung foldable releases yet, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 are even more dependable in this sense.

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The Fold3 has been constructed from aluminium which is reportedly 10% stronger than previous materials, as well as being IPX8 Water-resistant; the latter being a first for folding smartphones across the board. While the screens are almost identical to the Fold2, it now promises an even smoother visual display thanks to its adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. And perhaps most notably, the selfie camera on the larger tablet screen has been embedded beneath the panel, instead of being situated along the border via notch. The Fold3 comes with an S-Pen stylus.

The Flip3 arrives with the same water resistance, enhanced refreshed rate, and even Snapdragon 888 processor as the Fold2. The most noticeable difference is, by far, the bigger notification screen up the front, visible when in its clamshell form, as well as its streamlined form – lighter, thinner, with improved edges, making it more pocket friendly than before.

Essentially, you’re no longer just buying into gimmicks or nostalgia. You’re also buying into bona fide smartphones backed by proper technical innovation.

Read about all the specs in detail and pre-order one of these bad boys for yourself below – official product launch date: September 10th, 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Fold3 Flip3
Samsung Galaxy Fold3 Flip3