Scrabble Deluxe Designer Edition Is The Latest Must-Have Game Set

Board games have been getting a proper workout in these last few months. We’ve already seen everything from 40,000-piece puzzles, to all-white torture puzzles, some newly-released minimalist UNO card sets, and even an Unsolved Case Files game crop up. But the latest in a long line of must-have game sets? The Scrabble Deluxe Designer Edition.

This particular edition takes the time-honoured childhood classic and gives it a more mature touch. And by that I mean it’s something to be enjoyed by those who have an appreciation for design. It may even get to the point where you’re so enthralled by the look and feel of the set, you’ll forget to keep score.

The linen-textured game board, the wooden body with a matte grey finish, the metal capped deluxe sand timer, and even vintage graphics to evoke a certain nostalgia for yesterday – there’s no denying that once you’ve had a few goes at this, the regular old cardboard editions will be left in the attic.

Beyond the Scrabble Deluxe Designer Edition’s aesthetic, it actually provides some additional utility. The wooden body houses integrated storage drawers with a metal handle in order to help organise all the premium components. The playing surface also rotates like a Lazy Susan, allowing all players to have an opportunity to view the tiles played. And to ensure the tiles don’t fly about, the grid lines are raised to keep tiles secure. Premium right down to the details.

The Scrabble Deluxe Design Edition is currently retailing at a price of US$149 over at For those of you after something bigger, fear not – a Giant Scrabble Deluxe Designer Edition is also available for purchase (US$199).