Sonos Reveals The Sub Mini: A More Affordable Subwoofer For Home Cinemas
— Updated on 16 September 2022

Sonos Reveals The Sub Mini: A More Affordable Subwoofer For Home Cinemas

— Updated on 16 September 2022
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Just a few months after Sonos released its most affordable premium soundbar to date – the $399 Sonos Ray – the high-end audio company has come through with a “budget” subwoofer so you can add some thick thumpy bass that balling-on-a-budget home cinema. Considering the current third-generation Sonos Sub would set you back just over $1,000, it’s a smart move from the Californian company and seemingly a generous one if you can look past the fact that it’s still quite pricey.

For a product touted as a more affordable way to elevate your home cinema’s necessary bass component, the Sonos Sub Mini is still a chunky beast when it comes to investment. In Australia, you’re looking at $699 for the budget subwoofer, which makes the Sub Mini almost double the price of the soundbar it’s meant to support.

Sonos isn’t quite taking the piss though. The Sub Mini is an attractive, undoubtedly powerful kit and its smaller form factor has been designed to complement smaller home cinema set-ups. Much like the Sonos Ray has. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense to fork out over $1,000 to pair a high-end sub with your budget soundbar.

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Much like the Sonos Ray required the company to reapproach design in order to slim design without compromising on sound quality. the Sub Mini also features a different sonic architecture than you’d typically expect from a Subwoofer. Under the head-turning cylindrical hood you’ve got dual six-inch force-cancelling woofers that Sonos say help generate “deep, dynamic low end while minimising buzz, rattle and distortion.”

These woofers have been worked to face inward to help with the force-cancelling effect while also reducing the space required for the shell, working to produce the above results while the sealed cabinet around it neutralises distortion and lifts bass response. Complementing those drivers are two class-D digital amplifiers to help with clarity.

Design for the Sonos Sub Mini includes a center tunnel cutout, giving it a distinctive look. The reason for this is to move air around easier, helping the speaker work as efficiently as it can and upping the performance specs.

Like all other Sonos products, set-up for the Sub Mini should be seamless and take only a few minutes. The device uses TruePlay to measure how the sound bounces off the walls and furnishings, adjusting the sound signature for optimal results. Connection is done wirelessly, but there’s also the option of using a 10/100 ethernet port.

The Sonos Sub Mini is compatible with any amplified Sonos speaker except the company’s portable products – that is, the Sonos Move and Sonos Roam. The subwoofer can be paired with any of the three Sonos soundbars – Beam, Arc and Ray – and speakers like the Sonos One and Sonos Five.

The Sonos Sub Mini will be available in Australia from October 6.

Sonos Sub Mini Is An Affordable Subwoofer For Your Home Cinema

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