Sony’s Master Series Z9G Is A $100,000 8K Television

High-quality 8K resolution viewing is creeping up on us much sooner than most would probably realise. Sony has revealed overnight its impending 98-inch 8K television, dubbed the Master Series Z9G, that’ll clock in at a staggering AU$100,000 a piece.

Powered by Sony’s very own X1™ Ultimate processor, the Master Series Z9G will be capable of 8K HDR with IMAX enhancement and comes complete with both Dolby Vision and Atmos sound.

With the 98-inch variant boasting a price-tag of US$70,000 (AU$100,000), it has a staggering US$57,000 (AU$80,000) premium on top of the 85-inch television example, which is priced at a measly US$13,000 (AU$18,200) in comparison.

Both televisions will host an Acoustic Multi-Audio™ system with front-facing speakers and are fully compatible with Sony’s BRAVIA® line.

While 8K content is currently quite hard to come by, news that the new PlayStation 5 is reportedly 8K compatible indicates that the industry is getting ready for the new wave of high-resolution home viewing. Streaming services like Netflix will be optimised by a ‘Netflix Calibrated Mode’ to ensure the highest quality viewing also.

The Master Series Z9G will be available stateside soon, so you can expect to hear about domestic accessibility and pricing in due course. To find out more information, hit up Sony’s website.