You Can Now Buy A Friendly Neighbourhood Drone With Fire-Spitting Flamethrowers

The world – particularly our legal system – is losing its mind over the rapid progression of drone technology.

Well they’re about to really kick up a stink when they realise you can now buy a friendly neighbourhood drone with fire-spitting flamethrowers.

The TF-19 WASP drone attachment from Throwflame is capable of shooting targets with fire from up to 7.5 metres away. Users will get 100 seconds of firing time for every 3.5-litres or so of fuel. The reinforced carbon fibre attachment is designed for drones with a 2.25-kilogram payload capacity, meaning something as simple as a DJI S1000 drone – as seen in the video below – can be turned into a deadly weapon.

While you might have a scene from Project X in your head right about now, Throwflame calls it a “game-changer for industrial uses, such as clearing vital infrastructure, igniting remote vegetation and eliminating pests.” So get those backyard house party ideas out of your heads now, gentlemen.

Despite it sounding like a f*cking awesome piece of kit to muck around with, the WASP’s price tag of a whopping US$1,500 should surely slap the idea out of you. Oh, and you’re looking at an addition US$375 for international express shipping, not to mention you’ll pay all that money to likely just have it confiscated by customs, at the very least.

Bottom line – don’t bother, watch the video below instead.