This AI-Powered Wine Wall Is A Robotic Sommelier

This AI-Powered Wine Wall Is A Robotic Sommelier

A new kind of high-tech wine cellar – the Winecab Wine Wall – has been designed for modern smart homes, skyrise condos, restaurants, and luxury yachts the world over. Conceived a few years ago by Calvary Robotics founder Mark Chaney after he was housebound with a long-term illness, the collection of AI-powered wine storage systems has now been made available for oenophiles looking to modernise the way wine is selected and served.

The Wine Wall offers an inventive way of organising and maintaining your collection. The best way to automate a prized wine collection, in fact. A combination of AI technology and high-speed 8-axis robotic arm works to discern 600,000 vintages by label in order to load, scan, and dispense bottles as seamlessly as any wine connoisseur would. 

Not only does having an intelligent unit elegantly serving suggestions give you one less thing to worry about when entertaining guests, but it also safeguards a collection through facial recognition software which only grants access to a “power user” (i.e. you) and any authorised guests. This means you can lock single bottles, or an entire collection, with extra control available through an accompanying smartphone app that also allows easy temperature and humidity monitoring; in case you ever suspect the 1,800-BTU cooling unit (based on the top-tier option) isn’t doing its job. 

Wine Wall

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As an extra layer of security, motion sensors are installed in each unit to detect any unwanted advancements towards the wine, making it as safe and secure as a high-security art gallery. 

Chaney and his team were nothing if not meticulous in how they designed and calibrated the specifics of the system. Even smaller details have been taken care of, like the application of minimal pressure and force used by the robotic arm when handling precious bottles of fine wine, to the three cameras which track its movement from selecting the bottle to dispensing it within 15-seconds in the vending machine-like slot. 

The largest model has enough rack capacity for 600 bottles, with two lower drawers capable of holding an additional 24 bottles which can be auto-loaded in less than 7 minutes. The entire inventory management system can be accessed and controlled via an onboard iPad Pro, which includes the sommelier-calibrated AI app as well as software allowing for real-time wine consultation for anyone stuck making a decision.

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Available in four models ranging from the shapely Curio Classic to the 180-inch flagship Wine Wall, each unit is custom-crafted with quality metals and exotic wood species like macassar ebony, zebrawood, and even walnut burl. Anyone ordering online can completely customise their own unit right down to the trim materials and select lighting, with prices climbing all the way up to US$249,000.