ABT Go Bang With This Winged Volkswagen Transporter

abt vw t6 1 rear

Freakish German autotuners ABT Sportsline are on quite the hot streak so far in 2020.

Delivering not only an aggressive take on the VW Touareg late last year, and most recently Audi’s next-generation RS6, the aftermarket outfitters have now concocted a slick upgrade for Volkswagen’s Transporter camper van.

Boasting a new ECU that can spruce up the 2.0-litre VW’s power to 223bhp (166 kW) from the factory-standard 196bhp, the camper is now also available on either 19 or 20-inch rubber with an adjustable air suspension setup that can lower the whip to a maximum of 70mm.

The ‘Love Island Bronze’, pictured here sparkling on the factory floor, also sports a minimal front splitter and rear diffuser, a boy-racer rear wing and blacked-out exhaust tips. 

For anyone who takes both their weekends camping and Wednesday evenings at Eastern Creek just as seriously, you can see more from ABT over at abt-sportsline.com.

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