Adrenaline Wants To Find Australia’s Fastest V8 Supercar Driver

Adrenaline Wants To Find Australia’s Fastest V8 Supercar Driver

Dream job alert: (you know, that website where you can buy discounted awesome experiences across the country) is on a mission to find Australia’s next big dog V8 hot lap driver.

The winner of the nation-wide search will literally be paid to take Adrenaline customers for spins around Australia’s greatest racetracks, including the world-famous Mount Panorama.

While Adrenaline has explicitly stated that no experience is necessary, you’ll need some serious balls to throw one of these monsters around a track. To enter, you’ll have to cop a driver training package (AU$1,250) which includes 2 x 10 hot lap sessions with a professional racing coach, including a panel of racing experts that’ll judge all the entrants.

The top 10 shit hot wannabe racers will then be flown to Melbourne on an all-expenses-paid trip and given three qualifying laps to set their fastest time. The fastest average speed applicant is then awarded the gig.

Winners will receive a one-year Fastrack V8 Race hot lap driver contract, a pretty decent salary of $500 per day for a minimum of 70 days (roughly AU$35,000), professional training, as well as all the gear (but no idea).

To book the training package and enter the competition, head to

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