Anvera 48 All-Carbon Italian Superyacht Tender

There are superyachts, there are tenders, and then there are superyacht tenders such as this slick offering, the Anvera 48.

We’d honestly be happy just with this tender, whether the superyacht came with it or not. For most, this is the dream boat in itself – a 14.5 metre-long vessel built entirely from carbon fibre in keeping with its predecessor, the slightly larger Anvera 55.

The Anvera 48’s constructors claim that due to the boat’s extremely light presence in the water, better efficiency and higher speeds, along with reduced CO2 and pollution are achievable.

The Italian superyacht tender channels its design from lines drawn by Aldo Drudi, while being completed overall in 3D by Paolo Picchi. The hull’s concept and engineering is by Andrea Frabetti.

According to Boat International, Anvera utilises the research of Team Italia Offshore, which was founded by Norberto Ferretti “for the study and research of extreme technologies.” The final product offers an impressive 19 square metre aft beach area, 3.5 square metres dedicated to sunbathing, and a spacious master cabin found below decks.

You’ve got to remember, this is a tender. While it packs a punch for such a small package, the €690,000 price tag will surely put you back in your place and end any daydreaming you may have been doing in the last few minutes. That aforementioned price is for the standard offering – 1 million Aussie dollars for a tender – but, of course, it’s completely customisable.