Brabus’ Craziest Aftermarket Cars Of All-Time

There was once a time when modifications to luxury German cars were frowned upon. Fast forward to 2018, however, and beefed-up Mercs are in higher demand than their OG counterparts – the meaner, the better. 

Four decades ago Bodo Buschmann had a desire to flip the soft and luxurious Mercedes brand into something fast and sinister. He began swapping engines out of the standard accountant’s car like it was a kid’s game of pass the parcel, delivering bludgeoning power and performance by way of an impromtu workshop in his Dad’s garage.

Buschmann was, up until his death earlier this year, the CEO of Brabus – now the world’s largest and most sought-after independent tuning company and exclusive to Mercedes-AMG.

There have been some staggering vehicles to come out of the Bottrop factory in Germany, and we’re going to take a look at the best, with the help of the boys over at Top Gear.