— Updated on 30 January 2023

WATCH: Bloke Test Drives The World’s First Road Legal Kids’ Car

— Updated on 30 January 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Lockdown was the perfect occasion for burning through that backlog of personal projects. Many of us learned how to bake, knit, and drink like there was no tomorrow. James Skudder (AKA: @stitch76), on the other hand, challenged himself to convert a literal toy into the world’s very first road legal kids’ car – which naturally caught the attention of Car Throttle host Alex Kersten.

“I spent night upon night locked away the garage… figuring out how to wire indicators, brake lights, headlights, side lights,” says Skudder.

“I want to make it the world’s fastest kids’ ride-on.”

Lights aside, this particular RiiRoo Super Sport XL has a good amount of working features: pneumatic tyres, doors, audio system, horn, and even more as demonstrated in the footage provided.

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The pint-sized Porsche replica was originally equipped with a 12-volt motor capable of generating180 watts. Now, it houses a significantly more powerful 24-volt 650-watt brushless motor, bumping up the top speed to a respectable 22 MPH (35 km/h). An additional battery was also installed, increasing the total range on a full charge to approximately 6.4 kilometres.

It’s unclear how Skudder’s modified RiiRoo Super Sport XL kids’ car managed to secure a road legal certification without suspension, seat belts, head restraints, or any other protection. HotCars theorises it passed the Basic Vehicle Approval which allows tuning, left-hand drive, and “other unusual vehicles” to be driven on British roads without the usual testing.

Check out the video above.

Note: the car is registered in the UK government’s DVLA database.

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