Aussie Start-Up Carma Is Changing The Used Car Game

Aussie Start-Up Carma Is Changing The Used Car Game

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware the car market is a pretty wild beast at the moment. If it wasn’t stressful enough that prices have skyrocketed, you’ve probably endured the frustration of viewing cars in worse condition than they were described, not to mention the anxiety of wiring thousands of dollars to a complete stranger. There are a million ways the process can go wrong, which is why Aussie used car start-up Carma was founded to help smooth out the multitude of headaches finding a new ride can create.

Basically, Carma is bringing a touch of class to getting your next set of wheels, making the process simple and straightforward by taking out the stress and uncertainty of negotiating with dealers in a grim used car yard. Carma is also set up to smooth the boring details you might have forgotten about since you were last on the hunt, which includes things like financing, registration, warranty and even getting the car to your door. In essence, Carma just wants to make buying a used car an enjoyable experience.

How are they different from your standard dealer or online marketplace? First of all, Carma actually owns all of the cars it has listed on its site, which means the cars have all been checked and tested so you don’t need to worry about buying a lemon that won’t start a week after you get the keys. Carma scours the market for the best possible used vehicles sourcing from private sellers, auctions, finance companies and business fleets, so they’re already in good condition before they arrive at Carma’s site in Alexandria, Sydney.

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What’re the checks and tests? Carma runs all of the cars it sells through a multi-point checklist that includes detailing the interior and exterior, checking all mechanical components are in tip-top shape, and reviewing the vehicle data and its other tech. These checks can be slow and expensive if you’re buying from a standard car dealer, which is why Carma wants to deliver peace of mind before you get the car.

If that wasn’t enough, Carma also puts all the cars through their paces in a rigorous road and safety test, so you can be confident your new wheels are as safe as they come. It’s a thorough operation, to say the least, and an important new benchmark for the rest of the pre-owned car market.

Now, how does it all actually work? Once you’ve picked out the car you want from Carma’s impressive range of options (they’ve got a great-looking Jaguar E-Pace at the moment), you just need to reserve it so someone else doesn’t snap it up while you get all of your finances sorted.

If you need financing and don’t have it lined up, don’t stress. Carma works directly with several trusted providers they can set you up with (a quote generally takes less than 20 minutes). If you’ve already got financing locked in, Carma will work directly with them to get the deal done, and won’t force you into financing with any expensive preferred suppliers like other dealers might.

You might be wondering when you get to test drive the car? Instead of the 15-minute lap of the block you’ve done in the past, Carma offers a 7-day return period so that you can test drive the car once it arrives at your house, with a money-back guarantee if the car isn’t perfect for you. Why boil your decision-making into a tension-filled quarter of an hour, when you can do it over a week instead?

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Once the car is in your driveway, you’ll enjoy at least three months of registration on your new ride, as well as a three-month warranty provided by Carma. The cherry on top of the Carma deal is a 12-month membership with the NRMA for roadside assistance, meaning you’ll be well looked after long after your car has arrived at your home.

So if you’re in the market for a pre-owned car, don’t make your life more difficult than it needs to be. Stop playing life on hard mode and check out Carma when you start hunting, because it’s simple, it’s straightforward and you’ll be on the road in no time.

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