You Can Now Buy Paul McCartney’s Aston Martin For A Cool $2 Million

British icons collide as the ultimate collectable for all you Anglophiles out there can now be purchased. For a cool $2 million USD, one fortunate bidder (and baller amongst all ballers) can now buy the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 of a little known singer/songwriter by the name of Sir Paul McCartney (you may have heard of him).

It’s a hot ticket item that becomes more incredible the more you think about it. Most people would be happy with either a Aston Martin by itself, or some lowly former possession of the Beatles and Wings talent. But to be able to have both? Talk about the best of two worlds.

The chic automobile of music royalty is set to be auctioned around early December at Bonhams, London. Although the widely advertised price is currently anywhere between $1.6 to $2 million USD, it could very much fetch a higher number. The car in question has of course been kept in near-pristine condition and detailing, as well as having an upgraded 4.2 litre engine under the hood, and a truly luxe custom interior said to hide musical notes throughout itself.

This is undoubtedly a decadent would-be purchase, but one that nobody can really blame the future owner for. How many times will life present you with an opportunity such as this?